My First Lesson in Sales

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Sometime during the nineties I landed up without a job and decided to go selling with a small company doing cash sales door to door. What we did were hard selling door to door. They came up with an advertising certificate for restaurants and we went doorknocking, selling these promotional certificates for cash.  The commission were small, cash and immediate and our manager held regular in-house competitions to get the guys to sell more.  The going were good.

I did my share. Every day we would go with the team to a new area, each get pointed to the piece we work and off we went knocking on doors. This were real simple selling. When someone opened their door, you showed them what you had and they either bought or you went to the next one. The size of the commission did not merit long negotiations or even coming back tomorrow. Travelling were too expensive. My sales volume were quite within the average so I need not stand back for anyone except for one.

In all of the competitions one guy always came up on top. Rain or shine, no matter what area we worked Jack (I forgot his real name) always came out ahead of the bunch. Young, blond, good-looking and intelligent – being in front of the pack seemed to be in his nature. I did not believe these attributes were his secret to success though. They may have contributed but I were sure there were more.  I decided to ask him …

Jack didn’t think twice about the answer. He pulled up his tracking sheet. We all got tracking sheets on which we marked what houses we visited. The average guy on the team visited between 30 and 50 houses. On Jack’s sheet there were 150 houses marked. Later someone on his team told me that he almost ran from house to house to get that done. Now I knew his secret. I tried it too. Knock more doors and make more sales. It worked; I never beat him though, but  my sales and my income skyrocketed.

Some ware along the line I decided that I should get out of sales and get into a real job. I hanged on to my real job for almost 20 years. Now I am back in sales again, selling monitoring and response contracts and finding one truth. My first lesson in sales are still valid. It’s still a numbers game. See more people and make more sales…


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