Concerns w/ Speech Delay?

Speech Delay Concerns – Find Out If It’s Problematic

Speech delay, which is also formally known as a speech and/or language disorder, has been called many things. Whatever you choose to call it, chances are good that someone you care about may have difficulty with this disorder…

…otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this information.

People with different types of speech delay have lived since the early 1900’s. One of the earliest documented occurrences of a speech disorder was King George the VI who was played by Colin Firth in the recent film “The King’s Speech”.

But we’re not here to talk about them…we’re here to talk about you and your concerns.

My wife and I are both Speech Language Pathologists and are certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

We created a set of free online speech and language screeners that can help you identify whether or not you should be concerned about your loved one’s speech and language skills. Keep in mind that our screeners are not formal speech or language tests.

A screener/screening is a tool that anyone can use to determine where their loved one’s skills are at. It is not meant to diagnose anything. It will give you a broad picture about what type of speech and language abilities your loved one can use or not.

The Speech Only Screener can help you if you’re concerned with speech disorders (a.k.a. speech delay or speech impediments) such as Articulation or Phonological Processes.

The Speech and Language Screener can help you if your child is not talking, if you suspect a language disorder, apraxia, autism, voice issues, or a hearing loss.

After taking one or both of these screeners, you will be given a list of results that will tell you the abilities your loved one was unable to do. The list also includes what category each ability is contained in as well as a recommendation for what to do about.

You will be able to print the results if you’d like to take them into a pediatrician or family physician.

*Please remember that these Screeners are NOT meant to diagnose speech and language disorders. They ARE meant to give you a picture of what your loved one can or cannot do and a plan of action for what you can do for them.

Early intervention is the key to help children with speech and language disorders. The earlier a child is identified, the better and faster the outcomes are.

Please tell everyone you know who may have concerns with speech and language delay about these screeners, we developed them to help as many people as we can.

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