Many Different Shaving Tools

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Use the right tool for the right men’s skin care job.

It’s legendary: big boys love their toys and tools. It’s no different with men’s skin care. If you plan to care for your skin well, it’s not only worthwhile to have the right tool for the job – it’s fun to try different tools and find your best tools.

Men’s grooming toys and tools fall into two major categories: cleaning and trimming. The materials your grooming tools are made of make a difference. Crummy materials won’t last long or do the best job. In most cases, the best grooming accessories are made to last a long time and provide subtle differences in performance to make your grooming experience more fun and less frustrating.

Men’s Grooming Tools: Cleaning
Men get dirty, whether it’s their hands, feet, face or elsewhere. That’s partly because our bodies produce more oils. Some of us are also very physical, which means we sweat. Both oil and sweat attract dirt. Then, if we participate in common men’s activities that involve dirt (yard work, four-wheeling, camping and contact sports are examples), there is a lot of dirt to stick to our skin.

Scrub brushes, such as Bluebeards Original Classic Beard Brush or the Baudelaire Cedar Nail Brush come in handy to loosen dirt and clean hard to reach places during your daily men’s skin care regimen.

In addition, as men mature, it’s more important than ever to take care of facial skin. Proper men’s facial care can fend off aging and some skin problems, such as acne and psoriasis.

In conjunction with specially formulated men’s facial cleansers and moisturizers, you might use a tool like the Baudelaire Cedar Complexion Brush or the Baudelaire Sisel Wash Cloth.

Men’s Grooming: Trimming
After thoroughly cleaning your face and body, it’s time to think about trimming unwanted hair and nails. Short hair and nails keep dirt from finding good places to lodge. Shaping nails and hair – or completely removing hair in some places – also makes you look professional and well-kept, a valued asset both in regular life and professional settings.

When it comes to shaving, you have a choice of using wet shaving tools or electric shaving tools. Wet shaving tools include the safety razor or a straight razor. The straight razor requires a shaving cup, stropping strap and shaving brush. Many wet shaving tools are nostalgic pieces as much fun to use as they are helpful in removing beards. As you browse for shaving supplies, you’ll see beautiful shaving brushes like the Parker Badger Hair Bristle Shaving Brush with Rosewood Handle. You even might have inherited a shaving set from one of your grandfathers!

Electric razors and pencil-style trimmers for nose and ears aren’t as much fun as power tools, but they still appeal to men’s excitement with power tools, especially if they do a good job. For that reason, it’s best to choose a machine with a good reputation.

You’ll find manual trimmers, such as the Tweezerman Deluxe Nose Hair Trimmer, plus other manual tools, such as the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set, Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors and (big surprise) the Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweezer.

Spend quality time looking for men’s grooming tools that fit your grooming routine, and you’ll be surprised how many tweezers and tools are available. Indulge yourself and spring for a few grooming tools that will make your life easier and make grooming more fun. Big boys must have their toys!


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