Barak Obama Lied to His Own Nation, Why we Trust Him?

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Before Presidential Election Barak Obama promised with his entire nation on 27th October 2007 that, “I will promises you this that If we are not got out our troops from the time I am president it is the first thing I will do I will bring our troops back home and we will end this war. You can take that to the bank.

Now what he has done first after being President of America, “He sent 18,000 more troops to the Afghanistan on 18th February 2009and that was the first stage of committed 60,000 more troops for Afghanistan.

December 1st 2009 he was talking to the US troops in Afghanistan, “It is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan.

See this video proof regarding what I mentioned above.


So when Obama can lie to his entire nation than how he expect we trust on him?

The dehumanization and degradation of Iraqi people was not enough for US president so he started to think, how this same killing plan bring into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If we comparison the bomb blast in Iraq and Pakistan we can easily find one thing common in between them, “Bomb blasts in both countries were targeting Solders and Law Enforcement Agencies and their recruitment centers. Similarly big blast on shrines was taking place in both countries.

I was thinking what is the basic mindset or thought behind all of this kind activities made by US troops and solder in Iraq and now happening in Pakistan too because their so called Rymond Davis kind of contract killers are moving freely around the whole country. What answer I got about this particular question after some research on these kind of common events is, “US elite society is so greedy which is run on wars and think by domination literally they are controlling an big chunk of global part. So for it they try to bring everybody down so their big pockets can be filled with others money and for it they ignore the humans of the other part of the globe and killed them like they are lesser humans or they don’t have any rights or dignity.

Killing other humans for the safety of their own society clearly indicates that, “The lives of humans in US are worth more than the humans living other part of the world.

This mentality will bring more wars around the globe and they have already started war’s against Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Sham. Now they are looking to move their maximum heavy killing metal machines towards above mentioned countries and trying to impost their “Fake War against Terror” on Pakistan fully. Now its time to rethink for Pakistani Rulers, “How to get rid of this collation of shameless war”.


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