Inner Happiness, Desired by All Attained by Few.

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Inner happiness

There comes a time in our lives when we get very much worked up in our own lives and we get irritated and frustrated day by day, and we tend to loose ourselves, our inner souls and we ultimately become no less than robots.The reason for this, is the hectic lives we all spend, taking care of family, the pressure at work, peer pressure, society problem, maintenance problems and what not! These problems just keep pouring in, and many of us can actually relate to a lot of them. Sadly, they start tormenting us and we become more and more vulnerable, this leads to going to some high paid shrink but not availing great results!

  But, there is much more to life than waking up at 6 going to school/college or going to work and coming back home exhausted, then eating junk food and then dozing off  and then again the routine continues. Over a period of time we get irritated but don’t do anything about it. It just kind of goes on and on. Life is like a journey in which we have to have our own stake of enjoyment, worries, fights, happiness and love, then peacefully die. But, to make this journey worthwhile we need to do something to make ourselves happy not just from outside but from our inner soul, from our heart. What matters is that we find our inner happiness. If we do this, we are sure to have a spark in our otherwise boring lives. We will have lot of energy, peace and spirit to do stuff, which ultimately will result in our success. There are actually, a million ways to find inner peace but we should do the one which suits us, that maybe fishing or painting or just sleeping! (Everyone loves that!) But do it with a lot of determination, hope, love and adrenaline. (That is surely needed for sport activities) Other important ways are yoga, meditation and other spiritual ways. If we can’t or won’t do that we can always just practice our favorite hobby or pastime because that always rejuvenates us.

  Not only that, we should try to take a positive approach to life, think that whatever happens in life happens for a reason unknown to us but known to the universe. Don’t limit yourself; always try to challenge yourself no matter what. Only if you want to be happy can you make yourself happy! We can only be completely happy if we do our share of contribution to charity, do something for the under-privileged, like contributing some food, clothes or money. Doing this leads to satisfaction of greed and the look of happiness of these poor people is like no other therapy or happiness in the world!

 All these advices are written in books, websites and magazines and what not! but there is a different angle of approach which I believe in. that being, if you want to do anything for anyone do it only if your heart wants you to not because some self help book asks you to, do it only if you are ready to put you mind, soul and heart into it. Like it is often said, we live only once so live to the core, live for love and live for yourself.Don’t discourage yourself at any point, you just won’t get peace and happiness in a click, it takes time, you will feel discouraged, dissatisfied, but it will happen and you will surely feel the results each and everyday. This only proves the famous quote, “no pain, no gain!”

 Only when you try to take the initial step, your life can improve. The effort always has to be yours only and after all you live life only once so why not live it in such a way that even the universe remembers us as a worthwhile creation even after we die. So, make your seconds of life count and contribute to the society, to your soul and do this only for yourself and no other.


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