The Safety With Facebook Privacy Settings is Best?

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BusinessWeek reported on March 28, 2006, when it was negotiating a potential acquisition of the site. Facebook privacy settings refused an offer of $ 750,000,000 to the unknown bidder, and said the sale price reached 2 billion [19]. The sale of the social networking site MySpace to News Corp., 19 July 2005 spread rumors about a possible sale of Facebook privacy settings, a larger company media [20]. Had said it would not sell the company and denied rumors to the contrary. [21] The end of September has encountered serious talks between Facebook privacy settings and Yahoo in connection with the acquisition of the network, with prices up to $ 1,000,000,000 [22]. Thiel, then a board member of Facebook privacy settings, said Facebook privacy setting’s internal valuation was around $ 8000000000 based on estimated revenues: $ 2015, 1000000000, comparable Viacom MTV brand for a company with a common population [23]. Other companies, including Google showed interest in September 2007 to buy part of Facebook privacy settings. [24] Amidst the rumors, says, that selling Facebook privacy settings was unlikely because he remain independent, 17 July 2007 States that “really did not interest in selling the company. […] It’s not looking at short notice after the IPO. Is simply not the focus of the company?” [25]


On the home page of Facebook privacy settings, a login form on the left side, and you receive a registration form on the right.

Facebook privacy settings users can choose one or more networks to be connected by city, workplace, school organization, and in the region. [26] These networks help users connect with members of the same network. Users can also connect with friends by giving them access to their friends’ profiles. [27] On the home page of Facebook privacy settings, a login form on the left is displayed, and represented a registration form on the right.

The site is free for users, but also generates revenue from advertising, including banner ads. [28] Users, profiles with photos and lists of personal interests, exchange private or public messages and communicate to groups of friends. [29] The display of detailed profile data for users on the same network or confirmed friends limited.

Microsoft is Facebook privacy setting’s exclusive partner for serving banner advertising, [30] and as such Facebook privacy settings only serves advertisements that is in Microsoft’s advertising inventory available. According to commodore, a market research company in Internet marketing, Facebook privacy settings collects more data about its visitors, such as Google and Microsoft, but far less than Yahoo in terms of the power of the other companies [31].


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The media often compares Facebook privacy settings to MySpace, but a significant difference between the two locations is the amount of the reduction [32]. MySpace allows users to decorate their profiles using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), while Facebook privacy settings only allow plain text. [33]


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