The Protection of Privacy on Social Networking Sites With Facebook Privacy Settings

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It is for you, your personal information through social networking sites to protect essential. The aim of this work is the security of personal information that changes the behavior of end users who frequent social networking sites.

Familiarize yourself with your social network

Consider, for example, how to choose to move a new home. The buyer of a first house we found a house and a car in the neighborhood. Then that person can to the seller or broker and request a visit to the house. No sane enough buyers to choose a house in a magazine and decide to continue with the purchase and begin in the coming days.

Create an account and browse the site a bit. Do you have an idea of??You’re online “neighborhood” and its properties. Immediately tries the Facebook privacy settings of the network Facebook privacy settings and account related and evaluate their effectiveness against their expectations.

Restricting access by cutting your buddy list Facebook privacy settings

Some people are naturally more social than others. Therefore, it is obvious that more people want to give access to any network based on their profile. But the extroverted should consider carefully what you add friends to your favorite social network and what they see in Facebook privacy settings.

Consider the words of Facebook privacy settings employee Carolyn Abram in a blog post from September 2006. “Friendship on Facebook privacy settings itself is a Facebook privacy settings” [1] When a user with a critical eye on your friends list and allows access only to those who really are part of his life, the information contained in this profile, a limited group of people you trust. Therefore, it is safer. Knowledge about the fate of the various features in Facebook privacy settings

Many users have an error of assessment or absolute deviation of the different characteristics of their social networks. For example, create a lot of Facebook privacy settings users groups specifically to recover lost phone numbers. In a similar study of test, post many MySpace users their answers to the survey of the string in the form of ballot visible to your friends. Many of these studies, users are very personal questions and many like the answers.

Use to better evaluate material to publish on its network. If you use the phone because he threw the phone in the toilet, sending personal messages to their friends to make sure that your telephone number is only available for those who want to communicate with you.


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