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Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called The Real Book of Real Estate. In this book, you’ll have all the more acute and advice that really want to help guide you through the ups and downs of real estate. The company’s economic frontier of real estate can be difficult at best, since there are always times when the market is falling. But this book lets you get a wide selection of tips they have received from some of the best realtors of all time. The experiences of more than two dozen real estate agents and the ways in which he grew up in this book caught for their benefit and to be able to take your game to the next level and really make your mark on the market.

Charles Fishman writes The Great Thirst, a book that really helps to understand the world through the perspective of water. We discuss the fact that water was abundant and clean and safe for so long that people can take advantage of it, but this book explains how all this is about to undergo a major change and how big companies can be affected for this devastating change, particularly as a result of contamination and pollution. This is a very important book for a real estate agent, and that can really affect the way that the focus of the entire economy of purchase and sale of properties with this new dilemma in mind.

Gary W. Eldred writes Investing in real estate, a book coming out in its fifth year with the intention to cover all the nuances of a changing market, as well as on various forms and important legislation that is relevant to the field of being an agent real estate. Moreover, it is the story of how to deal with the market cycles of the property, and help identify new ways to profit from foreclosures, REOs and inventory of sites in a way that maximizes their position as a realtor. This book is great if you are new to the business and want a general type of reference that will help you learn everything there is to know and make the most of it, too.

Frank writes Gallinelli What was real estate investor needs to know about cash flow, a book that includes many of the financial measures that are essential to any real estate agent. The book addresses key issues such as net present value, cash on cash, net operating income, rates of profitability, return on capital, and a series of other numbers that are really important in the work of agent real estate. It comes to understand how and why these numbers and rates are so important and the book will break the use and approach of these things.

Ken McElroy close this list with his book, Rich Dad’s Advisors: The ABCs of Real Estate Investment: The secrets of finding hidden profits most investors miss The title is pretty self explanatory of the general objectives of the book, but it really gives a very detailed picture of how the real estate business can help you get rich and make a profit good turnover. With over two decades of experience, the author proposes a number of good tips and suggestions.


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