Rising Demand of Less Expensive Hotels in Dubai

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As more hotels come on the market, occupancy rates and room rates at hotels in Dubai are likely to drop in 2008, Khaleej Times reported.

Some 1,294 rooms were added to the inventory room Hotel Dubai between 2006 and the third quarter of 2007 as six new hotels of four and five stars is over. Another 30 hotels scheduled for delivery this year are still under construction.

Particularly during the peak summer season, hotels in Dubai have always reported strong occupancy. However, the emerging trend is the increased number of travelers in the Gulf region.

Until recently, Gulf travelers made up 25% of customers in Dubai hotels, most of these have their annual summer vacation. However, this has risen to 50% in recent months.

Most hotels and hotel apartments occupancy report may lay in excess of 80 to 90 percent. So you could tell how exhausted Hotels Dubai could find to continue as a business today and how desperately they need to have more than three and four stars for real estate companies.

The demand for less expensive hotels is increasing as Dubai has no alternative but to begin to re-look at their policies.

You’ve probably heard that everything in Dubai is expensive. All news about rising prices and never ending hotel and living costs, probably put you off, if you’ve never been to Dubai. But how can you live comfortably in Dubai and not have to spend a lot to pay for your trip? You may wonder, what are apartments and what they offer? Well, apartments Dubai are residential apartment blocks, whereby the apartments within them are used as hotels or in other words, short. Dubai Apartment can be booked for as little as one night, which means they are not linked to any length of apartments.

Apartments are quite different to standard hotels. The apartments range from studios to luxury 4 bed. Lounges, bedrooms and bathrooms, all apartments are furnished to high standards. Apartment buildings in Dubai have grown in number over the past 5 years and in size as well. Most apartment buildings such as Marina Crown Marina Diamond and consist of more than 25 floors and offers excellent views of Jumeirah Beach from the balconies. Apartment in Dubai complete with parking, private gardens and swimming pools.


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