Why People Using The Facebook Privacy Settings in Facebook?

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Facebook privacy recently changed its face book privacy policy statements of the Open Graphics API, an application, the social networking Web site for information easier to use public (1) allows to implement.

The start of the Open Graph API has a lot of Facebook privacy settings users who want to keep your personal information excited. While Facebook will offer users a way to unsubscribe from the publication of taste and patronage, users must first go to 50 the site face book privacy settings that together offer more than 170 options, until it can be done (2). Previously, users must read the face book privacy settings statements of Facebook settings time to understand how to set face book privacy settings. To date, the Facebook policy so long that exceeds not only the face book privacy settings statements of other social networking sites, which even exceeds the number of words in the Constitution of the United States (2).

Some Facebook privacy settings users are so angry with what they decided as Facebook privacy settings contempt for his private life he withdraws his Facebook privacy settings account entirely. For example, Leo Laborite, a technology commentator, his Facebook privacy settings account deleted because it appears in a podcast this week in the art (3). Pedro Rojas, a blogger, and Matt Cuts of Google also deactivated or deleted your face book privacy settings account.

However, it is not so easy to delete an account. Notice can be found on settings, and also the initial guidelines for deleting an account is a bit vague in the process (2). Also right next to her Facebook privacy settings account does not mean that all information is gone, Facebook privacy settings has still images from the positions of the MP.

Delete a Facebook privacy account because the removal of all information on membership, but in many cases, members should consult resources outside of Facebook privacy settings, as (4) to achieve this goal. This was the case with Leo Laborite, for example.

Edit face book privacy settings on Facebook privacy settings; what many prefer to Facebook privacy settings members is difficult. Facebook privacy settings defective Facebook privacy settings many to allow a significant amount of user data are public. A user who wants to put on some face book privacy settings, it is surprising on many parameters and options Facebook privacy settings. In some cases, this frustration, the user simply deletes the account (3).

Some blogs technology sites ask whether a “major wave of Facebook privacy settings” can begin (5). Many blogs and websites have selected 31st May 2010, when the day to clear at Facebook privacy settings users their accounts (6). Only time will tell if it is an important follow-up to this threat to Facebook privacy settings, which now more than 400 million members.

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