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ready for an upgrade 8/16/10

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more – more unseen forms become manifest.” – Rumi

As I write this post, I am sitting at my desk with two laptops….my old Powerbook G4 from 2003 and my beautiful new MacBook Pro that I just bought last week. It was time… my older computer was showing signs of burn-out, needing more of my investment and time to do what I wanted it to do, go where I wanted to go and a band-aide approach was unable to cut it. It has served me well… supporting me through graduate school, consulting in marketing on the side, clinical internship, coaching and several others trainings and then in birthing Fire Tree Studios three years ago. I am so grateful for my old machine and all of its contribution and for the newer system which is newer, faster, cleaner, more equipped and able to support me in my own evolution….a blank canvas.

Its kinda like making a big shift in consciousness…right? I mean… I was contemplating this looking at these two screens, parallel sitting open on my desk. They mirrored a leap in consciousness…. a shift from one set of belief systems and a paradigm that served to evolve a particular stage in development to yet another grander experience that will set the foundation for the next stage in evolutionary growth.

I knew this upgrade was coming, I have been visioning it and feeling out the signs for quite some time. I took the leap to purchase a new system last week as I know it is an investment in supporting my own evolution and full-self expression.

So now, I am literally straddling both computers …two worlds if you will….as I migrate all of the information that I want to carry over to the new operating system. I am going through everything, emails, documents, photos, music…and only taking with me that which will serve my next phase and leaving all the rest in the old world… the past.

Being in ‘two worlds’ …having one foot in one world and the other in another…. is a common feeling during the transformation process. As we shift powerfully archaic, inherited patterns and beliefs that cloud the truth of our full potential and bring them into consciousness it takes some time to fully upgrade, to a new reality. We often experience both worlds as part of the process in making a powerful shift in our experience. It frees up creativity and inspiration and provides us with the foundation for deeper clarity and peace.

As we look at the environmental and economic shifts that are occurring at this present time, It is pretty clear that our world is changing and that we are collectively preparing for great leap in our evolution as humans. What are you doing to support this process as it manifests and transforms your daily life? Are you approaching change with dread and fear or with conscious self-empowerment and creating opportunities to birth a new experience for your self? Where in your life are you ready for a conscious upgrade?


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