Communities – Building More Than Homes

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What does community mean to you?

The small communities we grew up in seem to be disappearing as cities seem to grow out of proportion. The construction industry booms and people flock to newer, prettier developments. The days of children playing in the street seem a distant memory. Whether you buy a first home or are moving across the country, you should take some time to visit the area before you buy. Knowing what you want from your community means you areless likely to want to move again. A good community benefits your entire lifestyle. How do you like to start your days?

What is your commute like? You don’t want to buy a home on the wrong end of town. You want to enjoy your home, not the drive home.

Does this area fit your family (or family plans?) What are the schools like? How far away are the schools? Are there a lot of parks, play structures or green spaces? Are there off leash areas for your pets? Are the roads busy? Is the traffic volume high enough that you will worry about your children playing?

Take a tour of the community. Do you see more family activity happening? Is this a more adult community? Are the neighbouring yards well groomed? Do others who live here seem to LIKE living here? Is it quiet or busy? What do you prefer?

Do the local amenities fit your needs? There may be stores nearby, but are they the stores you normally visit? If you suddenly have to change all of your habits, you may start to resent the location. Talk to existing residents. Ask them why they love their neighbourhood. Is it the people? Are there events at a community hall that attract visitors? What makes them stay?

Go to the web. Research the community. Maybe the builder has an website with all the information you want.

Imagine yourself getting up in the morning on a Saturday. Are you the type who will relax on your front porch with a coffee and greet your neighbours? Are you more athletic and want to hit a great bike trail and travel the morning away?

Buying a home is a life changing decision, and no one really likes moving. So do your homework. Any community can be a great one; it is a combination of every single resident. What makes it great? That all depends on how you define it and what you bring to it.

Maclab Suntree encourages community spirit. Leduc Real Estate is now available in a new family friendly neighbourhood. This developer actively promotes community involvement, including an email newsletter for residents and a facebook community for updates.


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