What Are The Invisible Oblique Abdominals And How Do You Tone Them?

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Have you ever heard the term oblique abdominals? And if you have, have you ever wondered what they even are and why you want to work them out? 

Well I wondered the same thing  until I did my research and finally was able to understand what the obliques are, how they work, why you need to work them out, and how to get rid of the fat that covers them. 

If you don’t know what the obliques are then I’ll simply describe them by saying they are your “love handles.”

Yes, the area you’ve been trained to know as the love handles are actually an abdominal muscle group that can be worked out on a daily basis and toned over time. 

The oblique abdominals are what I call the tricksters of the abdominals group. 

There are two reason why I give them the quality of tricky or deceiving: 

1) They are covered by the fat that we know as “love handles” and therefore are almost impossible to see or notice. This is why many people don’t know they even exist or even know how to get rid of that annoying fat along the sides of your waist or abdomen.  

2) The oblique abdominals are actually separated into two different groups or sections, which are the external and internal obliques. The external oblique can be found on the lateral side of the abdomen and it is broad and thin. 

Along your waist area you can find your external obliques, and though they are not very visible, they nevertheless need to be worked out in order to improve strength. 

Your obliques (both external and internal) are hidden under a layer of fat known as the “love handles” which is why most people want to tone them out, to make them more visible. 

No one wants to have that extra pad of fat around their waist, because it is annoying and unappealing compared to toned, chiseled oblique abdominals. But how can you get rid of those love handles and replace them with strong, toned oblique muscles?

Well there are two simple ways to do this.

1) You first want to destroy that fat around your waist by going on a fat loss diet plan, and not just any diet plan but one that gives you permanent results and not just temporary. 

You also want to perform some basic aerobics exercises on a daily basis. Maybe take 30 minutes out of your day to jog, run on a treadmill, go on a bike ride, or even jump on a trampoline. 

The last thing you want to do is to try and take three days out of your week to take a yoga class. Yoga might sound like a joke, but it can do wonders for fat loss if you take it seriously.

2) Once you feel like you’ve done enough for your “love handles” and gotten rid of all that extra fat, you want to tone your oblique abdominals and strengthen them. 

You can do this by performing abdominal exercises that specifically target your obliques, and do this on a daily basis for maximum results. You will start to see more of your oblique muscles take shape and start to tone out. 

This is what many people are after because they want that beach body look, so get out there and start strengthening those oblique abdominals. 


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