Personality Disorder Exhibited by Israel in The Eyes of Others

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The Standard used is to diagnose these nations is the American Diagnostic Statistic Manual (DSM –IV-TR) . The diagnosis is followed by an explanation of the basis for the diagnosis and the reason why people from these countries have developed what is perceived by others as a personality Disorder.

The Criteria for Paranoid Personality Disorder is a pervasive distrust or suspiciousness of others present in at least four of the following ways:

1) Pervasive suspiciousness of being deceived, harmed or exploited,

2) Unjustified doubts about loyalty or trustworthiness of friends and associates,

3) reluctance to confide in others because of doubts of loyalty or trustworthiness,

4) Hidden demeaning or threatening meanings read into benign remarks or events,

5) Bear grudges; does not forgive insults, injuries, or slights,

6) Angry reactions to perceived attacks on his or her character or reputation.

Israel has had a difficult History which has created the paranoid ideation. The state of Israel came into being only in 1948 although the people of Israel have existed, albeit scattered all over the world, since time immemorial. According to the Bible, God scattered Israel all over the world away from her land for a season. God had however assured Israel that at the appointed time she would regain possession of her land and so it came to pass in 1948.

Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors and it seems like Israel is always on the defensive. The Palestine issue is one of the greatest challenges of Israel and as the pressure mounts for Israel to relax its borders and cease the annexation of more land in Northern Jerusalem the more Israel perceives this as a threat to her. Then there is the problem with the West bank and the Gaza strip which Israel claims as her own while Palestine also wants a share if not full control of.

Israel does not seem to have lasting friends expect, perhaps the United States of America, among the world’s super powers. But even with that, Israel does not appear to trust the relationship because perhaps Israel sees what is behind the ties. Israel in most times acts alone even if criticized if it perceives the action to be the best for her survival.

Israel is not known to forgive those who attack her or her citizens. Up to today Israel hunts out for the Nazi survivors to bring them to justice. Israel is also known to retaliate forcefully against any one who attacks her. There have been many wars in the Middle East, some involving Israel fighting to be respected by her neighbors and for survival. Her military and secret service is one of the best in the world even though the country is not that big.

Nations like Iran have threatened to wipe Israel of the map of the world and this further explains Israel’s paranoia. The genocide carried out by the Nazis against the Jews is also another reminder for Israel that you cannot trust anyone. One can therefore understand Israel’s pervasive suspicion of being deceived or harmed by others. Can you imagine being surrounded by people who laugh with you during the day but conspire secretly to destroy you?

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