See No Evil, See No Evil Review

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See No Evi, Hear No Evil is a comedy film about a blind man named Wallace ‘Wally’ Karue (played by Richard Pryor) and a deaf man named Dave Lyons (played by Gene Wilder) who meet when Wally applies for a job in Dave’s New York City concession shop. After some time the two become friends. Dave lip reads and guides Wally when they are out and Wally tells Dave about the sounds and voices around him. One morning as Wally is outside waiting for the newspapers to be delivered to the front of the shop, a man walks into Daves shop, who is then approached but a beautiful woman called Eve (played by Joan Severance). The man removes a gold coin from his suitcase and places it in a small box on the counter. The woman then takes the suitcase and shoots the man in the stomach. Dave neither hears nor sees the shooting but notices Eve’s legs as she leaves the shop. The police eventually come and see Dave and Wally standing over the dead body, but before the two are arrested, Dave tells Wally to collect the coins from the box. The comedy adventure of their antics together goes from there!

The film shows how well Pryor and Wilder work together. See No Evil, Hear No Evil is full of funny moments. One of the funniest acts these two do together is at a local bar where Wally defeats a man in a fist fight with the assistance from Dave, who uses clock directions to tell Wally where his opponent is. This was the first Pryor and Wilder movie I ever saw as a child and I have loved the film ever since. My favourite scene is when they are at the police station and the police woman is trying to take their picture but because of their disabilities, it becomes quite a job to get them to do as they are told. It is a film for the whole family to watch, enjoy and laugh at.

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