Advice From A Manager –catch My Attention And I’ll Hire You

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The economy has fallen, jobs are harder and harder to find. If you have applied to a hundred jobs and don’t get any calls back, you have a big problem on your hands. Perhaps you should look deeper for a cause. Small changes to your application habits could make all the difference. A crucial point that a lot of applicants don’t consider is the correct process for applying is different in different industries.

When you apply for a retail position you need to understand the managers working hours. They do not work from open to close everyday. Don’t press a manager to discuss a position immediately. Respect their time, if they are able, they will start the conversation with you. In a store full of clients, every employee available has a job to do. Pay attention to your surroundings and be polite.

If you are applying to a job within a large corporate office, you don’t want to show up in steel toe boots and a t-shirt. This may be perfectly acceptable to some employers (maybe warehouses or similar) but definitely dress for success. When you apply in person, wear something that would be acceptable within a proper dress code.

Read your Resume. Seriously. A lot of people don’t understand that the spellcheck feature is not perfect. And many mistakes are spelled correctly, just used incorrectly. This is your ‘foot in the door’, make sure it sells your skills and doesn’t showcase your lack of attention to details. If your resume is lacking, you don’t get an interview. It’s hard to get a job that way.

And please, research on the company once you have secured that coveted interview. There are many companies and niche markets in any industry, make sure you know what you are applying for. Don’t talk about pumping gas during an interview in the ‘oil and gas’ industry if this company does oilfield pipelines. Sure, you won’t be forgotten, (you’ll be a punchline for a while) but you won’t get the job either.

Take some time, pay attention and get yourself into the job of your dreams.

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