Hate Increasing Against United Stats on Every Drone Attack in Pakistan

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After 9/11 incident US and his NATO allies attacked on Afghanistan by saying Osama bi Laden is the master mind behind of these attacks. Did anyone thought ever, “Osama was not an Afghan citizen neither he was the Ruler of Afghanistan”. I don’t want to go to in all of those old details how, when, why and what was happened. I just want to share, “Hate increasing against US on every drone attack in Pakistan”

I want to put another problem in front of you which is, “Drone attacks on Pakistan’s territory”. Since 2004 hundreds of drone attacks have been launched against Pakistan’s innocent’s citizens on the name of, “War against Terror”. Do you know, “How many civilian have been killed in just one year?” and, “How many killed from 2004 to 2011?” There are more than 750 innocent Pakistani Civilians have been killed in just one year alone. More than 3000 innocent civilian have been killed in all these years since 2004 to 2011 in these attacks. Hundreds of suicide bombers have been born Because of these attacks every day in Pakistan and they are blowing their lives and bodies against these criminal drone attacks. There target is also civilians because they think rest of the civilian population is not taking any part in stopping activities regarding drone attacks.

What is the basic aim behind these drone attacks? After reading these all horrifying figures can we imagine, “Pakistan is a partner in War against Terror?” Most of the Pakistani population think US is an evil Force because of these drone attacks. They also think, “Pakistan is the target of US and NATO forces”

One of the leading politicians of Pakistan, “Imran Khan” who is head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party) has given a call to block the roads which are being used for supply to US and NATO forces regarding food, oil and other military items. He is saying, “Their survival is on us and they are killing us”. We don’t want this puppet show anymore. US must stop drone attacks on Pakistani innocent civilians otherwise we will stop their supply line which is, “Their life line in Afghanistan”.


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