Daddy: A Child's Bestfriend

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We all have different fathers – a dad whom with the family always, who works abroad, whom you never met because of such reason, and/or a dad who already died. Much dissimilarity they may have, but still they are a Father. They are not all the same; in fact they are unique in their own way as God planned it to be.

We celebrate Father’s Day every month of June. It’s a time to recall his greatness as a father. A good provider, an adviser, a model, a serious type person but a funny man when talked to, a joker but a certain shoulder to cry on, a forgiver in every fault, a disciplinarian, a teacher, and a best friend. These all best describes a wonderful Daddy!

I belong to a family whom a father is far away because of work. He started working abroad since I was a child and sees him 2 or 3 months a year. How can I describe such a father’s character when he is away from me? I can proudly say that even if he’s not with me always, I can absolutely feel his love for us. It is not by the material things he provides, but the sacrifices he makes. It is not on counted hours he spends during vacation, but on times he wisely enjoys his stay. It is not on how many days he lives without us beside him, but on days he let us feel special and loved.

Some are fortunate because they do not experience being away from a father, but I am still thankful – for I am blessed of a loving and caring dad. You too can feel his goodness, only if you think and learn to realize what he really is. Remember all the good not the bad times. Think of all his hardships just to give you a fulfilled life. Reminisce the happy unforgettable moments together. Recall the wrong deeds you’ve done that he had forgiven. And lastly, imagine life without him, and slowly sense how would be your life if he is not around and cannot come back again. It would be perfect to have a strict and kill joy dad than to have nothing at all.

It is not only when June we can appreciate the value of having him, it is always.


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