The White Haired Breed of New Gamers

With the number of senior citizens now accessing the web with the same surfing expertise as their young relatives, there is an amazing amount of talent suddenly hitting the game servers.

I recall the first time I played a game online and was disappointed to find no control over the ‘failed medical experiment’s’ we know as teenagers, spoiling the online experience by showing no respect to any other player or playing by any rules that one would call common decency.

Playing any racing game online became a demolition derby and it was almost impossible for anyone to find a ‘clean’ gameplay arena. The tactic shooting server’s teenage players were more like Mafia hit squad’s if the teenagers had any of their friends online and you came away vowing to never return; considering it to be a complete waste of time trying to improve your gaming skills hoping to compete against other like minded player’s, but instead coming up against the ‘server king gangs’, who’s only reason for playing online was to dominate the server with bully tactics.

Thankfully, times are ‘a changing and quite a few of the latest games servers are becoming controllable and monitored for cheater’s and idiots, which means they are becoming a far more rewarding experience; as a result, we’re now finding more and more white haired, experienced and sensible players.

I was playing a team event a few weeks ago and came across a 72 year old gentleman online playing a racing game .. you could tell immediately that he was not your usual ‘spotty faced,banger racer’, it showed in the way he raced and passed; keeping his line and being aware of all around him. When the race finished ( he beat me! ), I had the chance to chat with him for a while and was amazed when he told me his age and stated that he’d been racing online for over 5 years.

So, if you’ve never taken the plunge and raced online, or you raced online and were disappointed because of the uncontrollable carnage; try it again sometime soon and you may be pleasantly surprised. You’ve just got to find the right game and right server.

Enjoy your gaming !

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