Some Common Mistakes of Website Owners

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In fact, a website can be lose a potential customer because of poor design, a small survey conducted recently by one of web design cayman .

Take a long, hard look at your site. Or ask a friend to give you a brutally honest review of your site. Did the test of professionalism?

When good-quality graphics and clear? The format, font size and font colors consistent throughout the site? Or is your web development mistakes that speak of fans as soon as you invite?

There are some common mistakes website owners who can cause visitors to leave early, what are these?

You post “Under Construction” signs throughout the site.

Under the fixed signs around the professional website spells big. Experienced site owners understand the power of patience. They know that the launch of their entire web site much more effective to do it soon.

Be patient. Wait until the website is complete before you publish them. Doing it this way, visitors will be impressed and faster increase in confidence. It does not feel insecure because they run the fans on your site to see with each print under the sign of construction equipment.

A colorful place counters on each page as a badge of honor.

The truth is that most tax advisers around the world know you can set to any desired number. If you do not want the counter to start at zero, you can easily start at 10,000. It raises a red flag issues. Therefore, it can repel visitors more quickly than it attracts. Why raise the red flag of the questions if you do not have to.

In-depth look at the statistics in place if we need to analyze your traffic.

Some sites do not use protected by copyright.

Some uniformed site owners do not know that their copyright is effective on the date of their creative work fixed in a mold. Not their stamp of ownership of their work.

If you claim to really own your work. Post your copyright information at the bottom of each page.

First impressions are important to find. Stay in a simple design techniques to stop and turn away visitors at the door. Use impresses your first few seconds to get your visitors with a simple design that provides powerful message about your company.


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