Songs And Long Distances

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Songs have great effects on our emotions. Some people say that songs are the voices that we cannot hear as they contain our deepest emotions. And I for one believe that.

When you turn on the radio or listen to your iPod, what kind of songs do you usually hear? A little bit of mellow music, ballads, pop songs, rap songs and rock songs, right? But if you browse through the themes of most songs, what do you think they are about? Surprise, surprise, it’s all about love.

Why are there many songs about love when many people are claiming “not to care” about love?


I don’t believe in love.


Some may say they no longer believe in love but in reality, they still do. Just go listen to the love songs. Notice that when you sing along, you tend to feel the underlying emotions and the message that is bound within the song.

I have noticed that people say those who listen to love songs are sad people. Of course, that does not necessarily apply to everyone. There are those who listen to love songs because they miss their loved one. Others may just listen because they are in love or they just happen to like the beat of the song.

In the case of those people who miss their loved ones, songs help them make it through the day. Just because they miss someone doesn’t mean that they are sad. They may be miles away today, but the distance won’t matter as long as they love one another.

Ever heard of the song “Long Distance” by both Brandy and Bruno Mars? That song summarizes just how it is like to be in a long distance relationship. Yes, it may be hard. Yes, it may become a little tiring at some point. Yes, it may be a little more complicated than you think. But yes, it is as true as any other relationship.

I don’t know where the theory came from, that long distance relationships cannot last long, but I know for a fact that that theory has become a fallacy. Many people are involved in such relationships and I can see that their relationships work. Although not all relationships – be it a short distance or long distance – always end with a happily ever after, there are those that do work out.

Maybe what people need for their relationships to work out are long distance relationship advice. Probably some inspiring stories from successful relationships will help, too. You can always find ways if you just will it. If you don’t, you can always choose from a wide array of excuses.


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