Symptoms of Optic Neuropathy

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Eyes are gifts of nature. Optic nerve is an important part of the human eye. It can be seen using MRI scan.  Optic nerve is part of the CNS (Central Nervous System).  It plays a very important role in the human body by transmitting visual images captured by retina to the brain.  There are two optic nerves, one for each eye.  Optic nerve is about 50 millimeters long.  Medical condition in which the optic nerve is damaged is called optic neuropathy. This medical condition may cause permanent loss of vision.  It may also affect the appearance of the eyes. 

Symptoms of optic neuropathy

Normally one eye is affected in patients suffering from this ailment.  Patients with optic neuropathy may or may not suffer pain.  Here are some common symptoms:

  • Loss of vision:  Generally there is a gradual loss of vision.  This medical condition is usually progressive.  Some patients lose their vision suddenly.  Also loss of vision may be partial or complete depending on the extent of damage to the optic nerve. 
  • Difficulty in identifying colors:  This is another common symptom of optic neuropathy.  Patients may lack the ability to identify some colors.  In some cases colors appear to be faded.  They face challenges in their day to day existence due to this shortcoming. 

  • Pupil protrusion:  In some patients suffering from this medical condition, pupil of the affected eye appears larger and protruded.  It has to be treated appropriately to avoid further complications. 
  • Weight loss is another common symptom of this medical condition. This may be due to loss of appetite which the patient experiences due to optic neuropathy. 

  • Sensitivity to light:  Sensitivity to bright light is another common symptom of optic neuropathy.
  • Dark shadow in vision:  Some patients with this medical condition have also complained about dark shadow in vision.

Muscular pains, painful spasms in the jaw area, painful joints, anemia, headache, pain while chewing, fatigue, fever, pain in the temple region, tender scalp, pain in the neck and transient blurred vision are other observed symptoms of optic neuropathy, 

Optic neuropathy can damage a person’s eyesight, a very precious gift of God, if not treated appropriately. 



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