Hangover Part 2 Movie Review

Needless to say, the gang embarks on a wild, crazy journey that almost claims their lives, their dignity, and their hopes of a successful wedding.  As simple as the plot sounds, they manage to get themselves in more trouble and compromising situations than the first “Hangover”. 

For the most part, everyone is exactly the same.  Allen is still grossly obnoxious, Stew is still naïve, Doug is still missing in action the majority of the time, and Phil is still the most courageous of the group.  However, this time around, they learn the hard way that Bangkok is not the type of place for foreigners to get sloppy drunk to the point where they cannot remember the events that transpired the night before.  Just about every scene is humorous because minute by minute, they get more desperate and frustrated on their search to make sense of their mysterious night.

Compared to the original “Hangover”, “Hangover Part II” is similar in many ways.  In fact, the only things that are different are the facts that they are in Bangkok and that Stew is the one that is getting married  Although the details of the groups’ circumstances are different, the major aspects of the plot are exactly the same. 

On the other hand, “Hangover Part II” is much more scenic than its predecessor because Thailand’s beauty is illustrated.  The wedding that finally takes place in the final scenes is breathtakingly gorgeous.   Also, everything is so much more extreme.  Stew’s shocking secret fetish is alarming, embarrassing, and hilarious all at the same time. 

“Hangover Part II” is a somewhat funny yet very predictable journey as these drunken idiots bring shame upon their country, families, and the family of the bride, Lauren played by Jaime Chung.  To make matters worse, they are accompanied by the bride’s studious younger brother, Teddy, who takes things overboard as the fun begins. 

Overall, “Hangover Part II” is a must see comedy for those who want to laugh at this wolf pack of pathetic friends.  You almost want to feel sorry for them until you realize that they have traveled this road before.  The Hangover Part II’s rating is 3 out of 5.

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