Once Upon a Time in The Office, Part I

Once Upon a Time in the Office

Once upon a time, there was a new guy in the office. He was introduced to the members of the office and quickly forgot their names. They thought that the new guy just had too much to remember about his new job responsibilities to take the time to remember names. They also thought that that was fine because they had all been in that situation before and he would have plenty of time to get to know them as he acclimated himself to his new position.

He learned the basics of his new job within only a few short months and gradually became comfortable with the added responsibilities that were part of the job. He asked questions of his supervisor and manager when he was unsure of which direction he should take.

The new guy began to sense the organizational structure of the company and figured out where his position fit in that structure. He was happy to see that his salary was far above quite a few others in the company and although the new guy had very little experience in his new position he began treating the lower salaried workers as his own, personal subjects. The new guy out ranked the others and this made the new guy very happy!

He began trying to order the “lower ranking” workers around. He threw tasks at them insisting that they do those tasks without question. He could have asked for help in completing a task but instead ordered his “subordinates” to get to it and get it done now!

As you could imagine, this approach did not garner any good will from the new guy’s co-workers and certainly didn’t get the results that the new guy wanted.  The new guy ended up frazzled and frayed. He wanted to accomplish something and wanted to be able to “take credit” for getting it done “all by himself”.

Unfortunately, the new guy found out that when you are only “looking out for number one” you’re definitely going to wind up, neck deep, in “number two”. He may not learn from his experience but we can.

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