Vital Advice In Regards to Accounting Websites And Hosting Services

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If you’re starting a website, or are considering designing a website for your CPA firm there are some indicators that you want to learn before you actually start to develop it. If you know your options up front is likely to discover that the creation of web sites of accounting is much easier than I thought. There are some web hosting companies that have spent years building web sites to protect children, and have few practical ideas for your consideration …

Accommodation and content:

Keep an eye out for a good package. The portion of companies provide features like free domain name registrations or e-mail hosting when you host your site with them. Some of them throw a lot of features not needed, but for their prices. Shop around doing a Google search for “web hosting” and the few senior research results.

To determine which package is best for you can be daunting, but if you analyze the elements of your site can ensure that you are getting the best option for you. One of the oldest and most Web servers, for example, Network Solutions. They have an excellent service and online tools, but an extremely expensive compared to its biggest competitor, GoDaddy. Network Solutions, while more expensive, offer packages that include a domain name. Other features frequently found in the organization of the packages include Google’s advertising claims, the file transfer systems, and other useful features.

If not used addresses @ yourdomainname. com email, but will use a free Gmail account or hotmail account for example, then you need not look at a plan that includes e-mail.

Domain Names:

Choosing a good domain name is the key to your business. You do not want something that is too long, because then people do not remember, and can not fit on business cards if they are too many characters long. Another factor to consider is the search engine optimization, or get your website for better positioning in search engines when you search for a particular word or phrase. A good way to convince the search engine that your site is really relevant is the use of some of your keywords in your domain name. If you’re looking to score well on search engines to try to include your local market as a keyword (Brownsville, Tampa, Atlanta, etc) and a keyword such as “CPA”, “accounting” or “tax” . Most simple combinations are already taken, but it’s pretty easy to include a variation or specialty as “BrownvilleCostructionAccounting” or “TampaAccountingSolutions.” As a general rule. “Com” domain names are superior to alternate domain extensions like. “Biz”. “Net”. “We”. “Org”, etcTrate to avoid breaking words with hyphens and underscores, but if you can not get a decent domain name without avoid using underscores. domain name registration can be done besides hosting. Fees vary. GoDaddy is a very cheap option, and Network Solutions is at the top while smaller specialty registrars to protect children tend to take the middle ground. Domain registration fees are usually done on an annual basis, while web hosting is often done on a monthly basis.

If you allow your host to register your domain name for you there are some precautions you should take. Often, hosts web site to register your domain name instead of yours. If this is done as a retention strategy or laziness is irrelevant in the end it does not really own your domain name. It is your responsibility to ensure that the domain is being purchased in YOUR name.


CPanel is a control panel where you will be able to make many changes in the advanced settings of your web functions, variety of accommodation. Your cPanel is his mastery of central nervous system, and it is vital that you can access it. You assign the domain to your website and email to your inbox. You can also use this area to redirect pages of your site and “park” additional domain names to more than one domain name go to your main web site. Most web hosting companies that provide access cPanel, but some do not. Although you never have to use a cPanel is a good idea to see if your web hosting company has one and if you are able to access it.

Online Security:

This is not a problem for owners of most of the site, but security is very important for Web sites of accounting. If you want to store sensitive customer documents such as tax returns and QuickBooks files online, or if you intend to accept payments through your website, you need at least a passing understanding of the safety works as line. An SSL certificate is a guarantee that the files and information that is transferred to and from your site is safe. It is also an integral part of a complex protocol network encryption (Secure Socket Layer) that really protects the information. SSL Certificates you can buy a number of companies such as VeriSign, GoDaddy and DigiCert. You’ve often been on secure pages, but you may not have realized at that time. If you’ve ever noticed a stunning piece lock symbol in the lower right corner of your browser, that’s a sign that you’re looking at a secure page. accounting websites legally obligated to protect private customer information, so the lack of such data safe with a security certificate can cost much more than a couple of customers.


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