Blogging Underground Review: How To Create Backlinks With Web Publishing

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Backlinking is one of the main pillars of successful Internet marketing. If you can create very natural backlinks you will receive the attention of search engines and start building page rank eventually will result in web traffic and sales. Metro blogs offers a unique approach to help build backlinks, published in hundreds of blogs that are part of the underground network of blogs.

Blogging meter is a system developed by Internet marketing veteran Mike Liebner who is best known for his article underground program launched in 2006. Article Underground is an article distribution service only content provided by members of the public lending right to rewrite and then sent to the network to create backlinks from a single direction. Metro blogging has become a resurrection of the Metro article with some unique features.

In consequence of Article Underground Mike Liebner has developed about 390 high quality links style “notice” and many of them have matured in the page rank high and high authority sites. These sites collect up to a PR7 ranking with a lot of link juice, which is pretty impressive.

So what is Blogging Underground (BU)? BU is a membership program that allows members to send to the network of blogs in the system. By placing a plugin in your WordPress site, the service takes a new position that is posted on their site and create a set automatically in the network blogs. The job is his creation and containing the keywords and links in your original post. Since the announcement of the blogs are well managed and mature, the quality of backlinks created is pretty good.

Blogging meter is not an article submission service required to write several articles or yarn to create content that is submitted to a network of web sites and article directories. UB takes the position that you created in your site and generates a complete message with the keywords and links.

Blogging meter includes:

* Access to post on about 390 blogs in the network.
* A library with more than 15 hours of training videos.
* 12 Step Success Strategy.
* Article Marketing tools, including keyword research.
* Blog Posting utility to add your website or blog to the network.
* PLR articles are available for a fee.

The word on the street on metro blogs generally positive as members call it an “easy, go to link building resources.” Others have claimed that the UB is a well thought backlinking is a science. Others have suggested that BU should be part of any strategy for building links. It is interesting to note that the rate of return on the 1.39% which means that people do not walk away from this opportunity. Not a trial offer of 7 days for $ 4.95 and then member fees range from $ 67 per month or $ 299 per year. The annual option offers considerable cost savings and reduces the effective price below $ 25 a month.


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