Its All in The Details

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So what to do shop work? That is the question that I will be addressing today. Whatever you are selling, if it is something that requires you to have a store, you must meet three simple rules, or rules of thumb that I must say, to do their job shop. It is equally important to not be swayed by things that you think the mites improve your store sales, but actually play a small role in how your business will play in the real world.

I’ll start with some things that really matter. Bring a bad example if from the restaurant business. When someone goes to a restaurant (and I’m talking specifically about a new restaurant, not an established one) so there is a mind most is the food. It is not the decor or the size of the store. It is true that these things are important, but not as important as customer service or quality of the food itself. So do not get carried away by the picture things like “how am I going to fit a hundred people here” is not the question that should be done when you are just starting. In the case of restoration, which is extremely competitive, it comes down to customer service and food quality. So focus on getting good employees, and even go further and pay then a little more, if the end result is that happy employees because happy employees make happy customers.

I think it only covered two cardinal rules of owning a store, not be swayed by the size of the store, and make sure you have excellent customer service.

In the case of clothing stores, and increasingly these are popping up all over the place, it’s all about the details. People who own shops are always concerned about having the latest fashions and the most attractive prices. While this is certainly important, perhaps more important to create an environment that makes you feel at home and still fashionable. The person who comes to the store thinks they are reaching for clothes, but actually coming for more than that. (This excludes those who really need clothes, I mean people have to buy extra things or to keep up with fashion.) Come through an experience, a sense of modernity and wealth, a sense of connection inches As the need to meet if you are the owner of the shop is to serve the real desires of their customers, this means that environment. So pay close attention to ‘detail. Go out and get the mannequins and dress to get the lights and expensive wallpaper estate, you have to put one hundred percent if it is to make it work.

And finally, you’re going to keep the place clean. No matter what store or business that is still trying to run, in the case of a disaster can forget it. Whether in a gym, cinema, bowling alley or, if not no-clean business. I hope this was instructive. Let me know your thoughts.


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