Wwe Over The Limit Review

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RTruth vs. Rey Mysterio
The match was okay as the right guy won and was put over. The only thing I would have changed was the have had R-Truth looking stronger instead of giving him the simple win.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson
The thing about this match is that they concentrated on Wade looking good and less on Zekes power, which I did not think would happen. I also did not think it would end as a DQ, when Otunga and McGillicutty came in and once again beat Zeke down…Damn you WWE!

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero
 I predicted this would be a good match and have good communication kills between each other, but there were more botches than I thought there would be. I think the botches led to the not so good finish and you could tell Sin Cara was not happy with the match or the ending at least…But hopefully their rivalry will continue.

As Del Rio did not have a match as this PPV, the WWE got him involved by doing a promo, saying how he will forfill his destiny. He is later interrupted by Kane and Big Show, who threaten him to get out of the ring.
Big Show and Kane vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan
Before the match though we see that Kane and Big Show had already taken out Otunga and McGillicutty and it was only Ryan who looked concerned for the fellow Nexus members.
The match itself, I thought was going to be more about Nexus breaking up, but instead we get to two pairing up well against the dominating team of Big Show and Kane.

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Christian

Orton had a great chance to turn heel, when he could have punted Christian, but on his second attempt Christian spears him and right now I seriously thought that we were going to get a new World Heavyweight Champion. Soon after Orton escapes a backdrop and RKO’s Christian for the win.

Kiss My Foot Match
Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

Just like most of us thought, Lawler picks up the win, even with Cole trying to escape the match with a doctor’s note, which the referee tore up.
After the match, Eve, JR and a surprise visit from Bret Hart who sharpshooters Cole as he is made to kiss Lawler foot. To be honest…I would have rather seen Kharma come out and dominate Cole!

WWE Championship
The Miz (with Alex Riley) vs. John Cena
The number one thing I liked about this match was that Cena got his ass kicked and the more times he did not quit, the more of a beating he got. The worst was yet to come. Riley uses a recording of someone saying “I quit” sadly after announcing Miz has won the math, the damn referee who should be released as he has done this twice now restarted the match. After using an Attitude Adjustment and putting Riley through an announcers table, Cena locks in his STFU on the ramp on Miz and retains the championship.
So overall, this match was okay as I got to see Cena take a beating and sadly have to see him win and make Miz look weak!

What did you think of Over The Limt 2011?


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