Cloud Storage And Streaming Service For Music Files From Google

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Even though Google has a licensed deal with many composition marks, this cloud based composition service in beta version has been launched to cater to the generation, always in search of cloud services for storing files like mp3s, photos and videos. This newly launched service poses honest competition to Amazon’s composition service.

Using this service companies now have a platform to make known the cloud services they offer. With this service, users who previously had no thought about the tremendous complicated technology being used, now have a simplified opportunity.

Amazon recently in March introduced a service very much alike. The AmazonCloudGuide allows users to stream composition on their PCs or cell phones with the help of the Internet. The Amazon Cloud Guide is a licensed service partnering with major composition marks, allowing users to share composition with others or making a hold of their favorite composition. But the beta version launched by Google has more space to store a much larger composition library than the Amazon counterpart. This service by Google has been made official as of Tuesday morning.

Since Google was in process of making a licensed deal with composition marks for quite some time now, this piece of news come as a surprise for many. Forced to launch early without signing a proper deal, users believe Google was intimidated by Amazon’s Cloud Guide as competition for online composition storage became intense. When Amazon launched its composition service, many composition companies were disappointed and questioned for new deals for cloud services and a much greater share of online composition buys.

This new composition service developed by Google will provide Android users access to their composition without any difficulty thereby seriously challenging Apple’s iPhone. Apple through iTunes is also in the process of developing its very own streaming services in relationship with composition companies. The suspicion arose by the fact that it recently buys Lala, a cloud composition service as well as built a huge data focal point in North Carolina.

The newly launched service by Google will initially be accessible through invitation only. The receivers of the first period of invitations will be Verizon Xoom owners while others interested can sign up for the service at which is currently unavailable. Once available, the service wants to be downloaded in order to be used before to uploading composition. A flash enabled gadget can be used along with a Google account to gain access to the composition with the help of either an app on cellphones or web composition players. Around 20,000 songs can be stored without any cost by Google users, which is significantly higher than the service provided by Amazon allowing the storage of only 1,000 songs without


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