Blog Commenting to Increase Your Search Ranking

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Since blog was introduced, people have been recording the news entry daily. Most blog owners allow the readers to comment on their post as long as the comment is relevant. When you comment, you can include your name and website URL. The name field can be used to include the anchor text.

There are two types of blogs including do follow and no follow blog. When the internet was first introduced, many webmaster built websites and blogs to provide information to the public. Later, the search engine was developed and advertisements program are introduced. By this time, webmasters start to build websites with the motive to make money. Many webmasters uses the blog to get backlinks to their websites. At that time, there is no do follow or no follow attribute. There are several do follow blog search engine that you can use to find do follow blogs such as Inline SEO Dofollow Driver. To find dofollow blog search engine, you simply enter the keyword “Dofollow blog search engine” into the Google search engine.

If the no follow blog receives a lot of traffic, you can comment on its post. Normally, commenting on a high traffic blog will drive tons of referral traffic to your site. You will have a huge list of subscribers in a short time.

It is best to comment on blogs that have page rank. When you comment on a high page rank blog, the page rank value will be transferred to the linked page. By commenting on a few high page rank blog, you will be able to increase your search engine ranking significantly.

Your comments will be indexed by the search engine within a short time. Search engine likes to linger in blogs so your comment should be indexed much faster. If your comment is not indexed, the link is not counted as a backlink. You should not attempt to comment on too many blogs per day. You can comment on 2 – 5 blogs per day. You should not comment on the same number of blogs per day. For example, you should not comment on 3 blogs per day. Instead, you should make random comments. In this way, the blog commenting process will look natural to the search engine.

It can be difficult to find do follow blog. The do follow blog search engine often yield inaccurate result. Though the do follow blog search engine promise to find do follow blog, it still includes no follow blog in its search result. It is even more difficult to find do follow blog based on your niche.

If you don’t want to do the blog commenting, you can hire a SEO company to help you. Nowadays, many SEO companies offer blog commenting services for their clients. Blog commenting rate is counted by the number of comments you want to order. Before hiring a blog commenting service, make sure you check the reputation of the SEO company. The SEO company should many years of experience in providing the blog commenting service.


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