How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files Using Getbackdata Backup Software

GetBackData backup software is one the best backup software I ever used personally. It allows me to recover my files that have accidentally deleted, formatted Hard disk or Fdisk but it is limited to one time formatted hard disk only, crashed hard disk but still be detected by your computer, files deleted from a network computer, deleted files that cannot be seen in recycle bin. These files were possible to recover using the GetBackData back-up software. This method of file recovery will take some hours till finish but it is 98% that you can recover all the files you needed. Here’s how;

  1. Install the GetBackData software on your computer

  2. There were two applications included in the installation, the NTFS and GetBackData for FAT. Select either of the two based on the type of the hard disk you want to recover. Most computer hard disk usually uses NTFS file format.

  3. Open the GetBackData for NTFS if your hard disk was in NTFS format

  4. Select the scenario on what happen to our hard disk, there are some options that you can select “I don’t know used the default settings” select this if you do not know why this happen to your files or hard disc. “Systematic file system damage” select this if your hard was formatted or FDisk. “Sustained file damaged” if you have installed new operating system” and “I want to recover deleted file” select this if you want to recover deleted filed, accidentally deleted files, files deleted by computer viruses and spywares. Select the option you want and click the ‘Next” button.

  5. Select the Hard disk you want to recover. You can also select the partition of the hard disk where the files you want to recover were saved. And click next

  6. Wait until the analyzing process will finish; it will take some couple of hours to analyze all the data in your computer.

  7. Click next to proceed to step3

  8. You can now see your computer files that saved in your hard disk. Save the recovery tree so that it will easily to reload recovery tree in case you did not finish backup and shuts down your computer. You will skip the analyzing process next time you load the backup process.

  9. To copy the files or folders from the recovery tree to your new hard disk, right click on the files or folders and select copy

  10. Browse the folder or hard disk location where you want to save your backup files and click save

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