How to Backup Your Files Using Windows Back-Up Utility

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Loosing a computer files is one of the most problems that a user encounters.

Files recovery is one of the most difficult tasks. So before your hard drive will corrupt or files was accidentally deleted or due to virus infection on your files that can cause it for file corruption better decide to backup it regularly.

File backup is an easy as 1 2 3 task. Maybe it will takes time to finish it but through file backup you can make sure that your computer files was safe and you have a copy in case your computer crashes.

These articles will tech you on how to back-up your computer files using Windows Back-up utility. This was applicable in computer running in Windows XP.

Follow these steps to back-up your computer files;

  1. Start your computer and log-on as an administrator or user account that has an administrator privileges.

  2. Go to Start menu > All Programs> Accessories>System Tools>Back-up

  3. Backup and restore Wizard will open.  You have a choice if you will use the Wizard mode or advance mode. But it is recommended to  use wizard mode for computer starter users.

  4. Click Next

  5. On the next window “What do you do?” select “Back-up files and settings” then click “Next”

  6. Select the files you want to back-up, there are several options that you can choose, My documents and settings, Everyone’s documents and settings, All information in this computer and Let me choose hat to back-up. Select your choice and click next.

  7. Browse the folder where you want to save your backup files under “choose the place to save your back-up”. It is recommended to store your back-up in an external hard drive or in your secondary hard disk that has not the bootable hard disk. Bootable hard disk or the hard disk where your Windows files was installed or usually Local Disc C was prawn to disk corruption.  It is better to burn your back-up into a DVD or CD to make sure that it was safe and free for computer viruses. Then type the back-up name and click next

  8. Click finish to Start the back-up process

  9. Wait until the backup process will finish. You will can see the message “Backup is complete” if your back-up successfully finish. Backup files has an extension files “.bkf”.


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