Setting up Auto File Backup in Windows 7

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File backup has been made easy in Windows 7 operating system. It allows you to backup your important computer files and settings automatically. In Windows 7 you can setup an automatic backup scheduler. Windows 7 automatic backup will automatically execute in time you have set in your computer. Auto backup files from your computer can be save automatically on your partition hard disk, secondary hard disk, USB flash drive or even in network computers, depending on your backup settings.

Setting up automatic backup on Windows 7 was so easy. Just follow the instructions below on how to set up your automatic file backup on Windows7.

  1. Create a new Windows Backup configuration

  2. Go to Start menu, Control Pane > System and Security\Backup and Restore

  3. Click on” setup Back up” command button

  4. Select the location of the drive where you want to save your backup. External Hard drive and USB is the best drive where you can save your windows backup files. Make sure that the drive where you want so save the backup was attach in your computer and accessible. If you want to save your backup on network computer make sure also that the network computer was accessible. Then click “NEXT” command button

  5. Select the files and folders what you want to backup. It is recommended to use the Windows default “Let Windows choose”. It will back up the files that saved in your Libraries, Desktop and default folder where you’re Windows Files was saved. You can also specify the files you want to backup by selecting “Let Me choose and click “Next” command button

  6. Review your back-up settings

  7. Select the schedule when you want to run your automatic back-up will automatically execute. Click on change schedule if you want to replace the existing default schedule that windows created. You have some choose on how often you want your computer to run automatic backup. Select from daily, weekly and monthly, it is recommended that you set it up as weekly to avoid inconvenience to the user if you set it daily.  Select also the day and the time when you want your computer to run the automatic backup process.

  8. click “Save settings and run backup” if you already satisfy on the backup settings you have created

  9. Your back up process will run in the first time. Wait until the backup process will finish.


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