How To Be A Lady Killer – Surefire Techniques To Give You Confidence When Talking To Her

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Shyness is the major problem guys face in dating. Most guys just do not feel comfortable talking or interacting with a female. If you fall into this category, fret not because it is a common phenomenon. In this article, I will share with you three simple but highly effective techniques that will erase that shyness from you when you find that lady you want to talk to!

The first thing you need to take cognizance of is the fact that you must never act what you are not. For crying out loud, why should you pretend to be who you are not? It will definitely backfire at you during the conversation and will be to your disadvantage if the lady gets to know! You should try as much as possible to be yourself and nothing else. A major quality every lady wants in her man is security. You do not need to make a mess of yourself by trying to be someone else, when the lady finds out, she definitely will think you are insecure and therefore cannot provide her with the masculine security she needs. Just try to be yourself in the conversation and before you know it, the flow just keeps going!

Secondly, never, ever give a lady the feeling to believe you are tensed up or something! This will ultimately end your chances! If you need to make a rehearsal of your words, please do it. But never, ever let her feel you are tensed up. Even when the confidence is not there (you are only trying to feign it), just make sure you are composed and sounding confident. You will get used to it as the conversation garners momentum!

Lastly, always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances when dealing with a lady! Logically, the worst you can ever get as a response from any lady is a snub or make a straight disregard of your advances towards her. The sky will definitely not fall if either of these happens. Gather yourself and proceed to the next lady of your choice! Never allow this to get over you. In everything in life, there are ups and downs, that probably is your down trial, you should get yourself together and get going. Life continues!

These techniques, if adhered to, will definitely endear you towards being confident to talk to even the most beautiful lady in the world!


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