Mount Bromo

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As a tourist attraction Mount Bromo has so many interesting place to visit.

As a mountain it is reasonable if we assume that the temperature of the weather on MountBromo quite cold, so do not be surprised if we get there will see people wearing thick jackets and scarves to warm up their body because the weather is very cold there, especially in the morning.

Places that can be visited at Mount Bromo include Caldera peak, hill climbing (bukit penanjakan) is the most favorite place in morning to see sunrise and evening to see the sunset, lake Ranu Pane, and also Tengger.

The journey to get to the tourist attraction due to relatively heavy terrain that must be taken can not be passed by ordinary vehicle, unless we hire a jeep provided by the tour manager. We can find so many tourists walk to get to the center location.

Sea of ​​sand is the mainstay attractions of Mount Bromo, the cool mountains in nature, we can see the desert and the grass area. If we don’t want to walk, we can also hire a horse that can take us around the desert. That’s new experiences for you, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Various hotels also can be found around the lake area, ranging from hostels to 4 star hotel we can make the choice to stay at Bromo, please check your budget and choose the best hotel in addition to make your trip more interesting and unforgotable.
While the most anticipated of Mount Bromo is sightview when the sun rises and sets. because it would seem very clear and very beautiful, so too bad if we come here and not taken time to see the sunset and sunrise here.

To be able to see the sun sightview we must reach the top of Bukit Penanjakan that can be passed more easily from the direction of Pasuruan, Tosari because it has normal hill. After Penanjakan forwarded to the top of Bromo trip across the sea with sand. Apart from the horses, vehicles can only approach 500 meters from the initial steps, and forward afoot, before climbing the 223 stairs up to the edge of the crater which is still quite active.

After the Bromo and Penanjakan, it seems a pity if the opportunity is used to hold around Tengger mountains, down to the lake Ranu Pane at the foot of Mount Semeru. Travel directed to the South around the Tengger caldera via a route east side. Temperatures range from 10 ° C mountainous perch and can reach zero degrees at night in the dry season.

At the south end of summit caldera intersection of three roads meet, right onto Tumpang Malang and left in the direction Ranu Pane. Ranu pane village is at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level, looks peaceful and cool, with a background peak Semeru cone. Behind this village encountered two lakes with a distinguished greenish water, lake Ranu Pane and Ranu Regulo Lake. Ranu Pane is heading the beginning the climb to the top of Semeru.

One that may be quite important if the first time through this area may need a guide from local. Because even though it looks quite easy from the top Cemoro Lawang, but to go down to the caldera is quite confused as well find a way. Mark only one in here is the trace of a passing vehicle tire earlier. Out of the path can be met the holes behind the grass is not easily visible or soft sand that can trap wheels. Stone peg is only available to track Cemoro Lawang to the Bromo crater only.

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