One of The Wonders of The World That is in Front of The Eye, Lake Toba.!

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Not only natural beauty, tourist attraction of Toba also serve another. What are they? Cool atmosphere, quiet, comfortable instantly felt so until at Lake Toba. From the top height of the hill pass the road down to Parapat, we can look at the vast expanse of blue water ocean. Fatigue overland journey of more than four hours from Medan immediately vanished. In simple stalls roadside downturn, manytravelers spend long hours staring at the natural wonders of Lake Toba while sipping coffee with delicious. The wind blew fresh breeze add to the atmosphere.

Lake Tobais the largest lake in Southeast Asia is indeed stunning. It is estimated that the lake was formed by the eruption Supervolcano about 75 thousand years ago. After the eruption occurred, formed a caldera that later filled with water and become lakes. Pressure upward by magma that has not come out cause the emergence of Samosir Island. The lake is situated 906 meters above sea level, measuring about 1,700 square meters.Toba surrounded by green hills with walls stones. Samosir Island in the middle of the lake is still there anymore. So there is a lake above the lake.

 Once the foot set foot in Parapat, much can be done travelers to enjoy the lake and natural surroundings. You can swim, ride a boat, around the lake, or just watching the water. All fun. Travelers also can go to Samosir Island. From Parapat, there is available transport by ferry which departs every hour to the village of Tomok. Tomok is the main village on the east coast of Samosir. This village is also one tourist destination. In Tomok among others there are some old traditional houses and tomb complex of King Sidabutar. If you want around the lake also can rent a motor boat.

Lodging from simple to five-star hotels are widely available. To eat is also no need to fuss. So many restaurants and cafes are scattered. Want to make souvenirs? Travelers can get it easily in Parapat or also on the island of Samosir. Lake Toba can be reached from the city of Medan with a private vehicle, rental car or public transportation. From Medan to Parapat via either through High Cliff and Siantar. Can be via a route-Karo village Purba Pematang until Brastagi. The scenery along the way is not less interesting.

In addition to natural attractions, Toba he has another attraction. Namely Samosir Island with its cultural, spiritual tours North Tapanuli, and Toba themselves become historical tourism. From the top of the hill, when the sun about to sink, the reflection of red light refracted in a vast lake. It’s stunning scenery. Unfortunately not many now who want to enjoy it.

Want to get the more exotic natural places? Note also Raja Ampat and Komodo NationalPark on your trip plan for this summer.

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