Softwares to Edit Your Own Videos

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Then unify the videos we have previously recorded into an album would be more interesting. However, unfortunately we do not know how. Are there any good software that can be used to edit and integrate several pieces of video into a short film that good with certain effects?

For me who are very amateur, here I will give examples of software that may allow you to create your own movies from the videos you’ve recorded:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5: This software is the main software, where all the pieces of video will be unifed together into a film that lasts longer.

  2. Ulead Video Studio 9: This software is used to create animation, which I usually use is the animation effects album. Then the results are exported to avi format and put together in Premiere.

  3. Pinnacle Hollywood FX 4.6: Plug ins Pinnacle effects for Adobe Premiere. Although the stock available is still monotonous, but it will look good if you can mix it with the effects of other software. Your creativity is tested in this place.

  4. Burger Plug In: like Pinnacle. This plug ins are used to add transition effects that will be quite interesting for Adobe Premiere. Effect that I usually use is like a flash camera effect as if I’m taking photos.

  5. TMPGEnc: Software to create the .mpg file format with better results than directly from Adobe Premiere.

  6. Frame Server: a software that is able to render directly from Adobe Premiere to TMPG enc without having to render first to AVI format.

  7. Xara 3D and Bluff Titler, to create an animated title.

Some of softwares mentioned above can bo downloaded by free, but if you want the maximum performa you can buy the better softwares and of course learn more about the tutorial how to use it.

With these softwares I think enough to edit video. Stay charged with patience and creativity in arranging the pieces of the video and then it becomes a great work and deserves to be appreciated.

But keep in mind that these are only the opinion of an amateur. For those of you who want to learn more about the cinematography, I suggest you to not only visit this blog. Many places outside that will teach you about those skill. Maximize your visit with an honest comment.


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