How to Create Pdf Files

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 Although it can be edited but it must be through drag and drop or another way that is not easy. So, basically it is very difficult to edit a PDF file. Unless the person knows the password / code to enter the editing menu of PDF files, which usually consists of 2 levels throughout the 40-bit or 128-Bit.

There are several softwares that can be used as a way to Create PDF Files. Here I will share 3 pieces of software PDF Creator:

1. Bullzip_PDF_Printer
This software consists of 2 files which is packed in 1 package. Bullzip_PDF and GPL_Ghostsscript. To be able to function you must install both. Who installed the first time is GPL_Ghostscript then Bullzip_PDF. GPL_Ghostscript actually a Font Driver of Bullzip_PDF program itself. The advantages of PDF Creator This program is to follow the shape and type of any font from which we will document conversion to PDF.

2. Do_PDF_Printer
Another PDF creator is Do_PDF_Printer. The program is fairly easy to install and run. This software is quite comprehensive in terms of fonts, although not as complete as Bullzip_PDF_Printer.

3. Amyuni_PDF_Printer
This PDF Creator is very simple and very light because it was impressed minimalist. Compared to the PDF creators above,  Amyuni_PDF_Printer is the smallest software in terms of capacity and fonts, but still it is good enough as a PDF Creator.

These three PDF creator softwares are 3 maker pdf software commonly used. You can find more PDF creator software in internet and download it for free. Then now is the time to run it. You must open the document file to be converted into PDF. These files can be from ms-word or the other. Then please enter / execute the Print command or Ctrt-P. In the name of the printer column please you choose which ones you will use and click OK. Within seconds you have finished pdf file.

In the program I create a PDF file is usually converted files are saved in a default on the Desktop or My document. You can select it to be stored in any folder. Next change the file name as you wish because the default file name will follow the new format of the source file and followed the name of the PDF format.


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