Homemade Bee Balm Facial Mask

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Oily skin can cause acne and shine. One of the best natural ways to get oily skin under control is by making a bee balm facial mask. A homemade bee balm facial mask will not only help control oily skin, but it will also help make it clear and glowing.

For those of you who do not know what bee balm is, it is a little flower with bright oval leaves. The bee balm flowers usually come in shades of bright blues, pinks, and oranges. The part of the bee balm flower that is mainly used is the leaves. Bee balm usually gets picked between mid summer and the beginning of fall. Then the flowers and leaves and dried up and used to make herbal teas and supplements.

The reason bee balm can be used to help control oily skin is because it contains a compound in it called tannis. Bee balm is used in a lot of skin care products to help control and balance out oily skin. The way a bee balm facial mask can be made is by taking 2 tablespoons of finely crushed bee balm leaves, ½ cup of ground oats, ¼ a cup of honey, and ¼ a cup of aloe Vera gel and placing them into a small bowl. After the ingredients need to be combined together to form a slightly gritty thick facial mask. Once the facial mask is made it will have a floral sweet scent to it and a yellowish golden color. The mask will need to be used immediately after it is made.

The way to apply the homemade bee balm facial mask is by taking a handful of the mask and layering it onto the skin and face in a nice thick even layer. The bee balm mask may sting, burn, or itch. This is all normal. Sometimes the mask can even feel very soothing and refreshing to irritated skin. Once the facial mask is on the skin it should be left there for 20 to 30 minutes. The mask may drip so have a cotton towel on hand to wipe up the drips. After the homemade bee balm facial mask has been used it can be washed off with warm water and skin can be pat dry with a cotton towel.

After using the bee balm facial mask skin should be less oily. Skin will also be glowing and bright. It will even feel very soft and silky to touch. The homemade bee balm facial mask can be used up to 3 times a week to help control oily skin. After several facial mask treatments skin should begin to balance out and become less and less oily.

The homemade bee balm facial mask is the best homemade facial mask to make to get oily skin under control. It is also very nourishing and refreshing to the skin and will help the face look younger and brighter naturally.


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