Homemade Herbal Eyewash For Irritated Eyes

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Once in a great while my eyes become stressed, dried out, red, and irritated. When this happens I make an aloe and chamomile eyewash. It helps soothe my eyes so they do not feel so irritated and become red.

The natural soothing and healing ingredients needed to make a homemade aloe and chamomile eyewash are ½ cup of aloe Vera juice and 2 cups of cooled organic chamomile tea. These ingredients can be easily found in your local herbal store if you do not have them on hand. The reasons why these ingredients are used to make the eyewash are because the chamomile helps soothe the itchy irritation while the aloe juice helps hydrate and soothe the redness right away. However, those of you who are allergic to ragweed shouldn’t use chamomile tea in this eyewash recipe, but you can use eyebright herbal tea. Eyebright us a soothing antiseptic and contains antibacterial properties that help heal eye infections like conjunctivitis.

Another item you will need is a plastic squeezable sterilized plastic bottle with a pointed cap. It kind of looks like a ketchup bottle you would use at a restaurant but it is clear in color. You can usually find this item at a kitchen store or Wal-Mart.

The way you make the natural soothing aloe and chamomile eyewash is by pouring the ½ cup of aloe Vera juice and 2 cups of cooled organic chamomile tea into the clear plastic bottle and than plastic the cover on. After you will want to give the aloe juice and chamomile tea a good shake to combined the ingredients together. The eyewash should have a nice deep yellow golden color to it.

When you want to use the natural soothing aloe and chamomile eyewash all you do is gently squeeze the herbal solution into your eyes for a few seconds and pat your eyes dry. The other way you can use the eyewash is by taking a cotton cloth and pouring the eyewash directly onto it and than press the moisten cotton cloth directly onto your eyes and allow them to become soothed this way. After using this herbal eyewash your eye should feel a whole lot better and if they don’t you can always use the was 3 to 4 times throughout the day until your eyes feel better.

I wish you all the very best at making this homemade aloe and chamomile eyewash. I do hope this natural eyewash remedy helps some of you out there with stressed, dried out, red, irritated eyes find some soothing comfort and relief.


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