Home Remedies For Relieving Consitpation

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Suffering from constipation can be a very painful, frustrating, and embarrassing health condition to suffer from. However, there are some alternative ways to treat it without having to go to the drugstore and buy laxatives and stool softeners, and I will tell you some of them and share some of my homemade remedies for treating constipation for good.

One of the first ways to treat constipation and end your painful, frustrating, and embarrassing experience is by taking 1 vitamin C every 30 minutes until you have the urge to use the bathroom. Vitamin C works as a naturally laxative and helps get the bowels moving so you can pass stools safely and easily so you can end your constipation.

The second way to treat constipation is with my homemade natural remedy I like to call honey cherry syrup. All it is is 1 cup of warm cherry juice and ¼ a cup of honey. You simply pour the 1 cup of cherry juice into a coffee mug and microwave it for 1 minute. Than you add the ¼ a cup of honey into the warm cherry juice and combined these ingredients together until you have nice light watery reddish syrup. Next all you do is simply drink it right up. Cherry juice and honey act as a natural laxative and stool softener and help you pass a stool within 30 minutes, and if not you can have another cup of the honey cherry syrup until you are free from constipation.

The third way to relieve constipation is by drinking coffee, green tea, black tea with 2 tablespoons of honey mixed in. These natural beverages contain caffeine which is also a natural laxative that gets your bowels moving so you can pass your stools quickly, safely and easily. We all know what the honey does because we just discussed it in the last paragraph. All you have to do is drink a couple of these drinks and soon you should begin to find some relief.

The forth way to relieve constipation fast is by drinking aloe juice. Aloe juice contains a natural laxative in it that is very irritating to the intestines and it helps expel hard stools that are causing constipation. If you do not like drinking straight aloe juice you can mix it with lemonade or apply juice which also helps relieve constipation. You should only need 2 cups of aloe juice to help relieve your constipation. I don’t think it’s a very good idea to drink more than that because than you will get the runs and have another situation to deal with.

The fifth way and one of the best ways to relieve and prevent constipation, and one I am sure you have all heard of is drinking prune juice or eating prunes. Prunes help keep the gastrointestinal tract and colon healthy and constantly moving because they contain Potassium. They as well are a natural laxative, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get relief from drinking prune juice and eating prunes so I would say this is a way to help treat and prevent constipation in the future. The way you would do that is by simply drinking a cup or two of prune juice each day, or eating some prunes.

So, there you have it some natural alternative ways to relieve and even prevent your constipation. I hope this helps some of you find some relief fast so you don’t have to deal with the pain, frustration, and embarrassment that come along with constipation.


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