How To Put Photos On Facebook For Only Friends By Facebook Privacy Settings?

As a friend of Facebook privacy settings block to see thumbnail photo, your friends can lock to see some pictures

It is possible that new to Facebook privacy settings or maybe you have used it for years. But did you know you can block a friend on Facebook privacy settings, to see your photos? You can control who can view your photos and photo albums and should urgently

Check this if you have lots of friends from different groups (labor, social affairs, science, etc.); find the offending photos, etc!





        Log on to Facebook privacy settings.


        In the upper right corner (as of this writing – Facebook privacy settings is changed regularly) to compare the word “account” and click it. A menu will appear.


        Choose the option that says “Facebook privacy settings” and click it. It will take you to another page titled “Facebook privacy settings” and some of the options listed.


        Click the first option “Profile Information” for a list of objects. For purposes of this article, we focus on how to change the image of facebook privacy settings. Search my other items as you protect the Facebook privacy settings of others


        Halfway to the Facebook privacy settings Profile Information “screen will be two separate lists of photos.

        First I will address is the “pictures and videos of me.” This applies to photographs or videos that have been marked, which means that someone posted a picture and add your name with. If you’ve been tagged


        With it, a drop-down menu button will be. Click and you will see a list. These are all options that can be seen blocking authorize all they have been highlighted:

        “Everyone (anyone)

        Friends of friends (which means that Joe is not in your list of friends, but he is a friend of Suzy, Suzy, resources and would be in the list of friends of Joe able to view it)

        (Can only see the name on your list of friends – in the example above, Joe can not just Suzy) Just Friends


        Custom lets you select a few friends to some friends, or to see block and is described in the following steps.


        Shall adjust (block) to see some of their friends, the photos and videos tagged Facebook privacy settings

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