To Lock a Profile On Facebook For Friends With Facebook Privacy Settings

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Facebook privacy settings are a social network in the world used. Many may have a public profile worrisome because it that everything that is published, including updates, photos and personal data by means of

Seen by anyone who logs on to Facebook privacy settings? Luckily, Facebook privacy settings provide security features to protect members of their profiles. With the proper use of Facebook privacy settings’ face book privacy settings, you can also lock your profile so that only

You can see your data.




What you need

    Facebook privacy settings account


        Access your Facebook privacy settings account.


        Click Facebook privacy settings, in addition to your profile name at the top right of the screen.




        This page will take you to a list of every part of your profile from the profile itself to your photos marked and personal information. To each section of the profile is a menu to choose the members

The level of face book privacy settings they want for their Facebook privacy settings profiles. Members can choose from three options, “Everybody”, “friends of friends” or “just friends”, depending on the amount of face book privacy settings you want.


        Select “Just Friends” as the first elected for each position that only those on their friends list can view their profile. This selection will protect your profile so if someone is looking after you, you will see only her profile

Next to each photo album of Facebook privacy settings, including your profile picture / images you another drop-down menus that you choose to leave “All”, will see “friends of friends,” “Only my friends” or “Custom. ”

        Follow the same steps to allow on each album that you want to access to decide. You can send or face book privacy settings for each album.

        If you select “Custom” is the possibility to allow only certain people in particular, block only certain people with names, or even allow, “I” if it wants only to do an online photo album with you I share


        Go to the face book privacy settings for each album you have chosen.

        You can always go back and change or modify a configuration at any time.

        When you create a new Facebook privacy settings photo albums, you can put their face book privacy settings on then – take care!

        Maintenance of photos on Facebook privacy settings blocked some friends is a good idea to protect your face book privacy settings and friends in sight. Many of us have forgotten a vast network of Facebook privacy settings friends, but that we liked the photo

To be with your best friend is not something we want to see the neighbors on the street or colleagues!


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