How To Change Your Privacy Settings On Facebook In Starting?

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Updated 19 November 2010

It is an article on how to change your Facebook privacy settings on Facebook privacy settings. To learn how to change your Facebook privacy settings in Facebook privacy settings, please read this article you learn how.




What you need

    Facebook privacy account


        Here’s how to change your Facebook privacy settings. Now that you are connected, you will be sent to the Facebook privacy settings homepage.


        From here, the blue bar at the top of the screen that the words Facebook privacy settings, Home, Profile, Friends, and Inbox. Look to the right of this. You see the words “Facebook privacy settings” in the blue bar. Float on

The word “Facebook privacy settings” and you will see a pop-up menu. In this menu, look for “Facebook privacy settings.” Click “Facebook privacy settings.”


        Now you can make your Facebook privacy. You can use the 5 categories, the profile information, contact details, websites and applications, research, and the Red list.


        Profile Information-You can even determine who your profile and who is allowed to write on the wall.

        Information you can control who is allowed to contact you or see contact information in an instant message or e-mail.

        Web sites and applications that the amount of information that is available for applications to control that you add to your account.

        Search: You can control who look Facebook privacy settings and search engines

        Ignore list is where you block someone, to interact with you on Facebook privacy settings.

Below the query parameter is a list of what people see on their list of public research. There is an option to preview your search public notice in the bottom of the page.

        You can enable or disable the boxes according to their needs, allowing users to send a message if you are friends, and buddy list and profile image.

        The “sides, I’m a fan of” may be misleading. It’s easy, and the list, if you’re a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Statue of Liberty, or whatever you have worked as a fan. Feel free in this train

Box if you do not do them on the list of public research.

        In the bottom or the page is an option to create a public search listing. This is for Google, Yahoo and all search engines. If your name in quotes into a search engine, and your state or the word “Facebook privacy settings” that

Be able to find the notice of public research.


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