How The Privacy Settings On Facebook Understand By Childrens?

Are you confused by the idea of??How the security of Facebook privacy settings? Here is a simple explanation, step by step the functions.


    Pretty simple


What you need



        Access your Facebook privacy settings account. (Never give out your login or password to anyone on.) It is in the upper right corner of the screen

Enter your name and then “Disconnect”. In the drop-down menu, select “Facebook privacy settings”


        The screen is a look and see displayed based on Facebook privacy settings. From here you can use black, changes that can show which parts of your profile and applications that allow you to use.

        First, click the Profile link. This takes you to a page where you can change the limits of their profile. For example, next to the word “profile” you will see a pop-up menu. This menu contains options:

        “My Networks and Friends” (Everyone can see in your network of friends or in a position to your profile)

        “Friends of Friends” (A friend’s friends, your profile)

        “Only my friends” (friends only you can update your profile)

        “Custom” (you can specify a particular network to see your profile)

        The options are repeated for every aspect of your profile, including photos, video, messages on the wall, as well as employment and education information.


        To return the Facebook privacy settings to enable the case again, or just press the “Back” button to save your changes, you will see that you’re back to square one.

        Now select the “Search” on the Profile link.

        Search options in Facebook privacy settings; you can control access to the search for her profile. You can not suitable for research in the outside world, that (I have a protection from my girlfriend crazy ex-girlfriend). You can

Select all or only your friends can search for you. This is useful if you unsolicited messages, friend requests from people who do not know or avoid obtained.


        Below the query parameter is a list of what people see on their list of public research. There is an option to preview your search public notice in the bottom of the page.

        You can enable or disable the boxes according to their needs, allowing users to send a message if you are friends, and buddy list and profile image.

        The “sides, I’m a fan of” may be misleading. It’s easy, and the list, if you’re a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Statue of Liberty, or whatever you have worked as a fan. Feel free in this train

Box if you do not do them on the list of public research.

        In the bottom or the page is an option to create a public search listing. This is for Google, Yahoo and all search engines. If your name in quotes into a search engine, and your state or the word “Facebook privacy settings” that

Be able to find the notice of public research.


        Save the changes and return to the Facebook privacy settings were simple. Now we can click the news feed option and the wall.


        Save the changes.

        Congratulations! You edit your Facebook privacy settings on Facebook privacy settings it! I am so proud of you. Go a little cake and celebrate.

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