Top Albums of Summer 2011

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10. Femme Fatal-Britney Spears
She’s making a come back with her album Femme Fatal, which include hits like “Hold it Against Me” and “Till the World Ends.” This summer her album will have you asking people “if I say I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”

9. Born this Way- Lady Gaga
This woman is outrageous and loves to stand out from the crowd. Her rebellious attitude, odd fashion statements and up-beat songs have earned her numerous record sales. The debut song from the album, “Born this Way” not only defends her reputation in the media, but is also an anthem of positive encouragement. She’s not a personal favorite of mine but she is topping the charts so I must give credit where credit is deserved.

8. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
Though this album has been out for quite some time, it has been holding strong on the Billboard charts. Whether you love Katy’s sexy songs, her upbeat tempos or even the rap collaborations with Snoop and Kanye, this album has something for everyone. Out of all the songs, “California Girls” is the ultimate song to keep alive throughout this summer season. Don’t forget about the strangely enticing Kanye and Katy collabo “E.T” which has been performed on the American Idol stage, as well as topped pop charts.

7. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West
This album release may have been on November 22, 2010; however, this album’s songs are still on the charts and still making people sing along. “All of the Lights” is a catchy song that features Rihanna. The song has consecutively been in the top 40 on five different charts for quite some time and I have a feeling it is there to stay.

6. Rolling Papers- Wiz Khalifa

Whether your from Pittsburgh or not, you know you have listen to his “Black and Yellow” anthem at least once. This CD includes “Black and Yellow” and ” Roll Up” (song I can’Ëœt stop listening to). So whether he’s your hometown hero or just another rapper reppin’ his city, you can’t deny that this album is a summer favorite.


5. On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez
Though this vixen has been named the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” she hasn’t quite topped the charts with her newest album. The title song from the album “On the Floor,” features Pitbull. The song has an unusual beat that is ideal to dance to, so you’ll be getting on the floor this summer to move to this song and the whole album at that matter.

4. Doggumentary-Snoop Dogg
Snoop’s back with his 11th album called “Doggumentary. The album debuted back in March, but the first released song from the album entitled “Sweat” or the unedited version “Wet” aired in January of 2011. The song is still on charts and seems it will be holding strong all summer long.

3. All I Want is You- Miguel
This sultry R&B singer is topping the R&B charts with his debut single “Sure Thing” from his debut album. Its one of those songs I’ve had on replay and I will continue to have on replay for the rest of the summer. Truly, the song is a combination of a sexy beat and even sexier lyrics.

2. Planet Pit- Pitbull
Prior to the release of this album on March 22, 2011, this Miami rapper gave us a sample of the album with hits like “Give Me Everything.” “Give me Everything” features the R&B singer Ne-yo and Pitbull’s model Nayer. This is a personal favorite of mine and since I’ve heard it I can’t get enough. He’s already topped the U.K’s chart with this song and now he is working his way up the U.S’s charts.

1. 21-Adele
This sultry songstress is holding it down on the top spot of both the U.K and U.S Billboard charts. The British singer/song-writer’s hit “Rolling in the Deep” is a soulful song to play while you lay out at the beach or turn up in the car and show off your vocal talents with.


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