Accutane And Inflammatory Bowel Disease—how Are They Associated?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is most commonly mistaken as irritable bowel movement. Even thought they share something in common – affect a person’s colon’s healthy, they are different in nature, intensity and dangers.

An inflammatory bowel disease includes all kinds of bowel irritations. some of which are ulcers in the color (Ulcerative Colitis) and ulcers in the intestine (Crohn’s Disease). There have been numerous speculations on the causes of Chron’s disease. Some of these are genetics, improper function of the body’s immune system and germs in the body.

A person who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease may feel a couple of symptoms. The common indications are crampy abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, pain with passing stool or tenesmus, persistent diarrhea, unintentional weight loss. Some symptoms may also include constipation, eye inflammation, fistulas, joint pain, liver inflammation, mouth ulcers, rectal bleeding, bloody stools, skin lumps or sores and swollen gums.

It is important to go to a physician if one is experiencing these symptoms for necessary treatment. Some people may disregard these symptoms but it is much better if they don’t. It’s true when they say that “If symptoms persist, consult your doctor” because if left untreated then serious consequences will happen. This may result to more colon bleeding, which may eventually lead to toxic megacolon. Toxin Megacolon is a condition characterized by enlarged colon, abdominal pain, bloating, toxic shock and fever. 

Some other complications that is related with inflammatory bowel disease are eye problems, joint pains, kidney and liver issues, skin problems and loss of bone structure. 

There are two ways in which inflammatory bowel movement is determined. First, is to get the a sample of the patient’s stool and test it, and second, use a microscopic camera to check if there are any lesions in the patient’s colon.

The drug Isotretinoin was first developed as a chemotherapy medication pancreatic cancer and brain cancer patients. In the United States, the most popular trade name of the Isotretinoin is Accutane. 

Roche Pharmaceuticals is one of the well-known drug manufacturers of the Isotretinoin drug. Aside from treatment to cancer patients, the drug is also used as a treatment for severe skin conditions such as acne. Accutane is retinoid which means that it is obtained from Vitamin A. This vitamin is associated with healthy skin and is also effective in battling acne. Accutane is taken orally and should be taken in appropriate dosages.

The use of the drug Accutane has serious side effects such as dry and irritated skin, colitis, hepatitis, loss of night vision, thinning of the hair, joint pain, muscle pain, miscarriage, and potential birth defects to the fetus, to name a few. 

Additional recognized unwanted effects of the drug consist of dry skin of your skin, feasible an infection from the cuticles, rashes, hyperlipidaemia and back pains. More rare unwanted effects are recognized to be cataracts, disruptions in monthly flow, pancreatitis, hepatitis, psychosis and depression. A Mexican research discovered that male patients using the drug additionally were built with a chance of going through erectile dysfunction. Hair thinning, a reduce within night vision, degenerative disc disease and acne rosacea happen to be recognized to show itself as negative effects of the drug, despite remedy continues to be stopped.

Some assets on Accutane inflammatory bowel disease frequently make reference to the related link between your two. That’s, after speaks appeared those who use Accutane created the inflammatory bowel disease. However, FDA has not yet yet recognized the truth that the condition can in fact be triggered simply by this particular drug. 

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