Six Pack Abdominals And Insulin

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Did you know that there are certain hormones that actually promote weight loss and help you obtain six pack abs in much less time than it would take you if you didn’t know these hormone secrets?

Hormones are vitally important to losing body fat fast and developing muscle as well.

Without the help of hormones, there would be no weight loss or muscle development, because hormones actually determine our body’s shape and size. 

They regulate weight, metabolism, how much muscle we have, and even our food intake, which is why we need our hormones for fat loss. 

If we can learn how to optimize these hormones, we will not only maximize our workout results, but we will see a decrease in the amount of time it takes to start noticing the toning of our six pack abdominals. 

Hormones are very powerful allies in your battle to achieve the perfect, chiseled stomach and all around physique. 

So let’s get into one of the six most powerful hormones.

Many people talk about controlling blood sugar, or insulin levels to prevent fat storage and sustain energy levels. 

Other diets may have you eliminate carbs altogether to minimize and control insulin levels. 

But can insulin really help you build more muscle mass or does it just cause more fat storage to occur and cause your fat loss goals to come to a halt? 

Insulin has always been associated with diabetes and sugar levels, but in this case its associated with losing weight and developing six pack abdominals. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas and it is released due to a rise in blood sugar levels in the body. 

This can be induced mainly by eating carbohydrates. 

The hormone insulin is mainly responsible for the direction of energy metabolism after eating it, which means it can help transport key nutrients into the muscle cells, but it can also cause fat storage to occur as well. 

So, back to the main question of insulin and weight loss, can it really help you build more muscle or does it really cause fat storage in your body? 

Well, its time to set the record straight and find out more about this intriguing hormone.

And yes, there is a positive way to manipulate insulin to benefit your body and weight loss results. Insulin helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps them in the normal range so that your blood sugar doesn’t get too high. 

Insulin also activates glycogen synthase, which is an enzyme that helps glycogen be stored in muscle tissue and the liver. With the help of glycogen synthase, fat won’t build up too fast and weight loss results will maximize as well. 

Insulin also causes transporter proteins to increase their activity, which allows for increased glucose uptake by muscle cells during exercise. This means that insulin increases your muscle development and the results you receive through your workouts. 

It is believed that insulin can increase the amount of glucose uptake by muscle, but there is also enough evidence to suggest that exercise during muscle recovery time actually slows down the synthesis of glycogen. 

This is why I recommend that you refrain from any cardiovascular work right after resistance training because it may prevent your body from properly recovering from your weight training and workouts. 

What many people don’t know is that insulin supports amino acid uptake into muscle tissue, which helps in the growth and recovery process after exercise. 

Therefore, you need insulin to properly control your blood sugar levels, have energy to workout and burn off fat, and properly recover from weight loss and six pack abdominals exercises. 


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