Thyroid Hormone And Six Pack Abs

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Did you know that there are certain hormones that actually promote weight loss and help you obtain six pack abs in much less time than it would take you if you didn’t know these hormone secrets?

Hormones are substances in your body that regulate many key processes throughout the body. Hormones are vitally important to losing body fat fast and developing muscle as well. 

Hormones actually determine our body’s shape because they regulate weight, metabolism, how much muscle we have, and even our food intake. 

If we can learn how to optimize these hormones, we will not only maximize our workout results, but we will see a decrease in the amount of time it takes to start noticing the toning of our six pack abdominals. 

Hormones are very powerful allies in your battle to achieve the perfect, chiseled stomach and all around physique. 

So let’s get into one of the six most powerful hormones.

When people are trying to lose weight, they often experience a decrease in basal metabolic rate, or BMR. 

BMR represents the number of calories that are burned at rest, and if this number is low, then there is no fat loss occurring or weight being lost at rest. This is especially true after long periods of low-calorie dieting, after using stimulants like caffeine, and excessive amounts of physical activity. 

So basically you shouldn’t be drinking too much caffeine, you shouldn’t be on a low-calorie diet too long, and you shouldn’t be doing excess amounts of physical activity if you want to keep you BMR fairly high and lose weight faster. 

Its very important to keep your BMR fairly high because the second it gets in the low number range, your calories-burning number gets low and you are no longer losing the weight you could be losing. 

Another thing is that the body seems to reduce metabolism as a defense mechanism. 

This is why some people following these types of weight loss plans claim they can’t lose that last bit of annoying fat. 

Also, the decrease in BMR is directly related to the level of thyroid hormones found in your body, so the more thyroid hormones found in your body, the higher your BMR will be, and the more calories you’ll end up losing. 

Thyroid hormones are extremely important for growth and development, as well as for maintaining metabolism and a normal body weight. If your thyroid hormones stay at a consistent number and don’t get too low, then your metabolism will increase, which will result in you losing more unwanted fat, especially in your abdominal area. 

The thyroid hormones found in your body also effect your temperature regulation and can enhance fat burning in you adipose tissue. If you can keep your temperature regulated and increase it as you workout, then there will be no fluctuation in body heat, which means you will have a consistency in the amount of calories you burn through body heat. 

If you have trouble determining whether or not your thyroid hormones are at a low level, there is one way to determine whether there is an imbalance or not. You can test your triiodothyronine level since this is your most active thyroid hormone. 

If you’re searching for the perfect weight loss plan or thinking of coming up with your own, then be sure that it consists of a diet, weight training, and nutritional therapy that can influence metabolism and activity of your thyroid hormones. 


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