3 Secrets To Fast Weight Loss

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For many people nowadays, its difficult to lose weight, especially that extra fat around the abdominal area. But this should be no surprise due to the way most people eat and how little care they take for their body. 

However, if you have the right knowledge and know some helpful secrets to losing weight fast, it can be easy to combat that extra fat and develop a lean muscular body. 

With the secrets I’m about to share with you, you will especially start to lose that annoying fat around your abdominals are so you can start to tone your abs and get that highly sought after six pack. 

Three Major Fat Loss Secrets:

1) First tip, when it comes to weight loss, brown fat is highly important for achieving results..yes brown fat. There are different types of fat tissues found in our systems, including white fat, which is the majority of stored fat in the body. 

The other fat is the more interesting brown fat, which burns calories by using up metabolic energy to create body heat. Brown fat contains large numbers of mitochondria, which are the organelles that produce high outputs of energy, to control calorie burning. 

The body heat that your body produces comes from the mitochondria that come associated with the brown fat you take in. This simply means that more brown fat means more mitochondria, more mitochondria means more energy, and more energy to burn calories means more weight is lost. 

Basically, if your goal is to lose weight permanently and fast, you need to find ways to activate the brown fat inside your body to increase body heat and energy output. By finding ways to activate brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, body fat can be reduced, especially in problem areas like around the abdominals. 

2) The second tip is a little more important than the first and you can do more about this weight loss tip also. One of the most important factors affecting fat loss is the thermic effect of food. 

You might have noticed that after eating a large meal, you sometimes feel warm or even sweaty. This is due to the thermic (heat producing) effect of food as you digest it. 

Whenever your body temperature is higher, you are burning more calories. Eating frequent small meals of the right type of food can actually be one good way to boost your metabolism and burn more fat, because of this thermic effect of food. 

But keep in mind that not all foods are created equal when it comes to the thermic effect. For example, calories from fat have almost no thermic effect. Your body can store fat very easily without using much energy, which is why there’s little or no thermic effect. 

However, protein is very difficult to convert to fat, so i has a large thermic effect. Actually protein can have a thermic effect of up to 30 percent, which means that if you eat 100 calories of protein, 30 of those calories will be burned just as heat so that your body can digest the protein. 

This is why protein can play such an important role in your weight loss plan, especially when your plan uses the thermic effect of food to enhance metabolism and fat-burning day and night.

3) The last thing I’ll be talking about is what we call the hormone link to weight loss. Many people complain that they just can’t lose weight in spite of dieting, performing intense cardio sessions, and taking handfuls of supplements. 

The solution however, may be inside of you, which is why its all about your own hormones. When trying to get as lean as possible and drop weight, you must consider ways to maximize your body’s natural hormones to increase fat-burning. 

These powerful substances can mean the difference between a lean, fit body and a fat, unhealthy one. Nothing can influence our body’s shape more than our own hormones because hormones regulate weight, metabolism, and how much muscle we have. 

The key hormones that have much to do with fat loss and muscle gain (especially around the six pack area) are growth hormone (GH) testosterone and estrogen, the thyroid hormones, insulin, and cortisol. 

If your diet plan isn’t working, then the failed job can be due to one of two reasons. 

One, your diet plan doesn’t address the problem of permanent weight loss but only addressed short-term problems. Or two, your hormones are preventing you from losing weight with your fat loss plan because you just regain that weight back with your hormones’ interference. 

By learning to optimize the effects of these key hormones, you can maximize your fitness routine and lose weight extremely faster. 

Hormones can be powerful in your battle against achieving the best body, so take into consideration the “hormone problem” and work around it by equalizing each hormone in your body with a supplement plan. 


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